Stocktrek Images Reveals New Collection of Astronomical Art Illustrating Future Space Exploration Concepts and Scientific Theories

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Stocktrek Images reveals new collection of space art, depicting realistic and inspiring images of space exploration, astronomical discoveries, scientific theories, and the infinite extent of the universe.

Future Mars Space Mission

A Phobos mission rocket ignites its chemical thrusters. Credit: Walter Myers / Stocktrek Images

The fact that we can draw pleasure from this aesthetic serves to remind us of our intimate connection to the universe around us.

Stocktrek Images reveals unique and imaginative astronomical art depicting space travel and the vast extent of the universe. Artists use the power of science, creativity and imagination to develop realistic images of future space exploration concepts, and their visions throughout the universe.

Space Art is a very powerful form of media which is often used as a source of inspiration and as a means to visually understand scientific theories, astronomical discoveries, space travel, and the infinite extent of space. Space art informs and inspires the audience.

For the last thirty years, NASA has sent robotic spacecraft and artificial satellites to explore the outer depths of the solar system. Aside from the photographs, it is really the art that conveys the excitement and emotional connection to this science, which is difficult to duplicate elsewhere. Missions to the minor planets, the Moon, and Mars, along with nuclear propulsion, and the colonization of outer space, are all heavily influenced uncertainties in which space art plays an enlightening and inspiring role.

Veteran space artist Walter Myers has created many space exploration concepts, most recently his missions to Mars' moon Phobos. "Space art presents the ideas of science fiction and science in a compelling way, allowing the artist to bring possible future to life", said Myers. "The fact that we can draw pleasure from this aesthetic serves to remind us of our intimate connection to the universe around us." "I strive to adhere as closely as possible to what is known about these environments," added Myers.

As many deep space technologies are yet to be realized, this provides the artist with both a challenge—and an opportunity—to create heretofore unseen technologies and solutions. Scientists, engineers, and artists work together to help visualize and develop their scientific and technological concepts in making the aspiration of space exploration a reality.

For royalty-free stock photos and illustrations, Stocktrek Images is a unique source with an extensive collection of space art from some of the most talented illustrators around the world. All pictures are available in high quality, large format, and instant download.

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