Design Company Expands to Meet Increased Demand for Decorative Stone

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American consumers have increased their interest in natural products in recent years, allowing stone design firm PebbleArt Inc. to expand its exploration of creative stone products.

New York based manufacturer and gallery distributor PebbleArt Inc. is expanding its line of stone and marble decorative items. This is in response to vastly increased consumer interest in natural and stone based products. The new items will include both pieces designed by local artists, as well as select imports which they are introducing to the American market.

PebbleArt was started in 2001 by a group of artists and masonry professionals, who saw a trend in the American market towards the use of natural materials in the home. Having witnessed the rise of Granite use during the preceding decade, they speculated that other rustic products such as slate, sandstone, and quartz would gain in popularity over the next few years. Since then the consumption of dimensional natural stone in the U.S. has doubled, with more than $250 million worth of material being purchased last year.

This has resulted in overwhelming success for the young company, allowing them to expand into new realms of natural stone development. With a strong focus on innovative design and artistic creativity, they have led the market creating a slew of unique and original products in the past few years.

One of the most popular products developed by the company was a line of stone drink coasters whose properties give them the ability to naturally soak up the moisture from a glass. Since their introduction, consumer demand for these coasters has risen 400%, and has given rise to the formation of several copycat companies focusing just on the distribution of these products. PebbleArt has chosen to stay ahead of this trend by incorporating a whole new set of imported marble coasters into their line, and introducing them to the American market.

Another popular PebbleArt innovation was the design of a series of unique stone chess sets, utilizing slate, marble, onyx, sandstone, and travertine materials. Unlike the traditional black and white marble design that can be found in any average gift shop, PebbleArt's chess sets emphasize the raw primitive features found in unpolished stone.

The company is also releasing a line of carved stone mantel clocks and desk clocks, designed by local affiliated artists such as Minerva Stone, and J. Daegons. The clocks range from rough and rustic designs to graceful contemporary forms, with abstract elements a common feature. The highlight of the collection is a grandfather clock carved from natural sandstone that stands three and a half feet tall, and including a swinging pendulum that is visible through a gap in its stand.

Complimenting their domestic designs, the company has also developed relations with decorative stone manufacturers around the world to introduce new and unique products to the American market. Drawing on contacts throughout Asia and Africa, the company specifically sought out items which were not readily available in this country.

Imported items include a line of decorative marble vases available in several different stone colors, as well as marble jewelry boxes, soapstone mugs, onyx stone ash trays, stone candle holders, and rock salt lamps. By creating personal relationships with the decorative stone import / export community, the company has managed to acquire stock in these products in several different sizes, styles, and stone colors. Expanding on a connection with a local wholesaler of African goods, PebbleArt has also acquired the rights to a line of unique stone candle holders.

As consumers and retailers continue to clamor for more, and more innovative natural products, PebbleArt already has plans to expand their product offerings further. Currently they are in development of several new illuminated onyx products, a line of carved sandstone jewelry boxes, granite book ends, lighted mantel clocks, and a variety of candle holders. These products are being made available to retailers and distributors, as well as to retail customers. To keep up to date on innovations at PebbleArt, you can check out their online outlet at

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