Vitamin for Stress Help Keep The Economy From Ruining Your Health this Holiday Season

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In these tough economic times, offers products and advice on how to combat stress. To relieve stress, vitamins and tips for exercise and quick relaxation techniques help boost your body's natural immunity during the hectic holiday season.

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A few healthy habits to manage stress can have an incredibly positive impact helping us to get through these especially stressful times

The holidays are stressful enough with all of the shopping, cooking, family gatherings and parties, but tack on the dismal economy and it can all start to feel overwhelming. Stress can take its toll emotionally and can also wreak havoc on the body making us more susceptible to illness.

At, they know times are tough. That's why Dr. Britta Zimmer, licensed naturopathic physician, recommends a few simple relaxation techniques as well as quality stress vitamins to help cope. "A few healthy habits to manage stress can have an incredibly positive impact helping us to get through these especially stressful times," she says.

What exactly does stress do to the body? Cortisol is a steroid that activates when the body experiences stress. Usually, cortisol levels regulate and lower once the danger is over. When the body can't relax, cortisol levels remain high and problems arise. At high levels, cortisol causes weight gain, particularly in the abdominal region, reduced immunity to illness and poor sleep patterns. Eventually, the body stops producing cortisol and then a deficiency causes fatigue, depression and loss of mental acuity.

Adrenaline is another hormone produced by the body during stressful situations. Excess adrenaline in the body causes cardiovascular problems including plaque buildup and vessel spasms. Cholesterol is also elevated.

Sustained elevated levels of these two hormones are dangerous to the body and can lead to serious health problems. recommends these tips to stay in tip top shape this holiday season despite the added stresses brought on by our environment:

  • Slow down and breathe. This sounds simple, but it is so effective. Quiet the mind and breathe deeply. This helps the body and mind refocus on what is really important this holiday season.
  • Exercise- weight-lifting, cardio, yoga and tai chi are all great ways to relieve stress and stay in shape.
  • Take Good Elements Chill product. Stress vitamins are a good way to supplement the relaxation techniques above. These types of adrenal fatigue supplements can also relieve the conditions brought on my excess cortisol and adrenaline secretion.

Chill is a Good Elements product formulated by Dr. Zimmer to reduce the effects of stress. She carefully selected complementary ingredients that reduce stress, relax the body and boost immunity. 5-HTP becomes serotonin in the body which enhances mood. Other ingredients that are serotonin and dopamine regulators are L-Theanine, Rhodiola rosea and Vitamin B-6. To ward off anxiety and boost the body's immunity, Skullcap and Vitamin B-5 are added to the formula.

Chill is an all-natural vitamin for stress that underwent rigorous testing for safety and purity of ingredients. Dr. Zimmer uses only the best in her products because she believes that being healthy requires knowing what you're your taking and having confidence in its quality so you can be sure it works. Other mood enhancing supplements might have side effects such as drowsiness or alter the personality, but the ingredients in Chill were chosen because they do not cause these side effects.

Good Elements has been around since 2005, and they are dedicated to providing quality products to enhance and improve the health of their customers.

Licensed naturopathic physician, Dr. Britta Zimmer, and Good Elements are dedicated to making sure their customers have a healthy and stress-reduced holiday. Along with the vitamin for stress, Good Elements offers other products that are all natural and doctor-formulated to help keep the body in good health despite the many challenges of today's fast-paced and high stress environment.

About Dr. Britta Zimmer:
Dr. Zimmer is a naturopathic physician whose goal is to reach a broad population and empower and inspire them to make responsible health care decisions in order to improve their overall wellbeing. She accomplishes this by educating her patients and customers about nutrition, the healing arts, and how the human body works. Dr. Zimmer brings her years of clinical practice as well as extensive knowledge of health sciences and nutrition to each of the Good Elements formulations


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