Institute of HeartMath® Introduces HeartMath for Communities

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New Project Supports Nonprofits in Helping People Get Their Lives Back on Track

Katherine Floriano, Institute of HeartMath

Katherine Floriano, Executive Director, Institute of HeartMath

Our desire is to make a difference in the lives of those who are at a disadvantage at this point in time. This program will provide valuable and empowering life skills to thousands of people in a time of need.

Since the start of the current recession, stress levels have increased across the U.S. Thousands of communities nationwide are under pressure to help the growing number of individuals and families who need their services.

When people must seek food, shelter and other assistance as they weather difficult times, they experience a great deal of mental, emotional and physical stress. In an effort to help nonprofits and their local communities, the Institute of HeartMath® (IHM) has launched a new caring project.

HeartMath for Communities is designed to certify representatives of nonprofit organizations and social-service agencies to become local providers of the HeartMath De-Stress Workshop™. Then these organizations can give this stress-management workshop free to the people that they serve in their local neighborhoods.

Not Your Average Stress Reduction Workshop

The HeartMath De-Stress Workshop is more than a typical stress-reduction workshop. The Institute of HeartMath incorporated its nearly two decades of research on stress and emotions into the workshop.

IHM, a nonprofit research and education organization, is known worldwide for its science-based stress solutions. HeartMath programs, techniques and technology have been proven to help people reduce stress and increase resiliency. The institute has conducted numerous clinical and nonclinical case studies and has published its research in many peer-reviewed journals that validate the effectiveness of the HeartMath approach. Among these are American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine and Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science.

People who experience chronic stress often are at risk of serious health problems. They are among those most in need of community assistance programs because stress has caused major disruptions in their lives.

IHM is encouraging all types of nonprofits to participate in HeartMath for Communities. The program is designed to support nonprofits nationwide, whether they are community services catering to women, families, seniors, the homeless, special-needs individuals, veterans or local programs that help communities struck by natural disasters.

IHM Executive Director Katherine Floriano said she understands the hardships so many face today.

“Many of us, either personally or through family or friends, have encountered times of hardship and can relate to how stressful it can be,” Floriano said. “Our desire is to make a difference in the lives of those who are at a disadvantage at this point in time. This program will provide valuable and empowering life skills to thousands of people in a time of need.”

How It Works

HeartMath for Communities provides certification training to representatives of nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit designates one or more individuals for this training and IHM instructs them on how to present the HeartMath workshop and techniques.

Once participants are certified, they can present IHM’s HeartMath De-Stress Workshop™, including HeartMath‘s proprietary researched-based stress-reduction techniques, to those their organization serves. Floriano said the institute would work with organizations to customize the applications for various audiences.

There is a nominal fee for the certification process to help offset the institute’s costs, but nonprofits may apply for a grant to cover the fee or they can apply for a scholarship from the institute.

How the Community Benefits

Participants in the HeartMath De-Stress Workshop will learn research-based techniques to reduce stress, increase coherence and resiliency and renew themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

Workshop Participants Learn:

  • How increasing coherence and managing stressful emotions can improve health, well-being and relationships.
  • How to make clearer choices and decisions in challenging situations like time crunches and sudden change.
  • How to create more flow and ease while navigating life’s daily interactions with family, friends and co-workers.
  • Proven stress-reduction and effective resilience-building techniques that can be used before, during and after stressful situations.

Certified Workshop Instructors Receive:

  • A three-year license that permits commercial use of HeartMath's intellectual property and the right to advertise that their nonprofits offer the HeartMath De-Stress Workshop.
  • Comprehensive seven-session training course and materials.
  • Instruction on how to teach the HeartMath System of tools and techniques to the nonprofit audience.

How the Community Can Help

Is there a cause that touches your heart? Members of the community can play an important role in this project by donating to the HeartMath for Communities fund. Individuals who wish to have their local nonprofits offer the De-Stress Workshop can sponsor them with their donations.

The HeartMath for Communities Project is a way for individuals and nonprofit organizations to improve their communities by helping provide those in need during stressful times with tools that can help them help themselves.

Support your local nonprofit and learn more about HeartMath for Communities by going to or calling (800) 711-6221. You can read more about the HeartMath De-Stress Workshop at .

About the Institute of HeartMath:
The Institute of HeartMath, , is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to teaching the principles of heart-based living around the world and promoting personal and global coherence. IHM, founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, is a world leader in stress reduction, resilience building, and optimal performance research. Through its research and education divisions, the institute has developed practical tools, educational programs and services -- collectively known as the HeartMath System -- for the mental, emotional and physical benefit of children through seniors without regard to their social, economic or cultural status. IHM research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Preventive Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


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