Acclaimed Paleo Gluten-Free Author Tina Turbin Publishes Celebrated Article on the Paleo Diet and Refractory Celiac Disease

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The Founder of Shares Valuable Information on How the Paleo Diet May Help People with Celiac Disease.

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I personally found that the paleo diet helped me overcome the ongoing symptoms of celiac disease, so it’s really important for me to get this information out there to help others.

Tina Turbin (, the paleo gluten-free diet advocate and critically-acclaimed author, recently published an article on a major gluten-free resource website that proposing the paleo diet as a solution for people suffering from celiac disease, an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten. The article has become widely popular, once again positioning Turbin and her website,, as a leading resource on the paleo diet as a logical option for celiac patients.
“Part of what prompted me to write the article was a recent study that shows that over 40% of celiacs aren’t responding to their gluten-free diet,” Turbin said. “I personally found that the paleo diet helped me overcome the ongoing symptoms of celiac disease, so it’s really important for me to get this information out there to help others.” According to the author, she’ll soon be publishing parts two and three of her article on refractory CD and the paleo diet.

Turbin’s article was published on, a major gluten-free resource and directory website for the celiac and gluten-free community. In the article, titled “Ask an Expert: Is Celiac Refractory Disease affected by all grains?” Turbin’s article poses that the paleo diet may be a solution for celiacs patient who are looking to heal their digestive system, and it prompted an astounding response from celiac patients who shared the article widely on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. She also shares her experiences with refractory celiac disease and her successes on the paleo diet. According to, “Tina is well versed on the subject [of refractory celiac disease]—she lives with it, researches it, and helps so many people with RCD all around the world.”

Turbin was diagnosed with celiac disease many years ago, which prompted her to become one of the broadest known gluten-free advocates, in particular for her work in founding was voted the #2 .info website in the world out of over 6.7 million registered .info websites which is now managed by Turbin’s daughter, Miranda Jade Turbin. Tina Turbin later turned to the inherently gluten-free paleo (short for “paleolithic”) diet, which is based on the premise that humans do best eating the way their paleolithic ancestors ate, totally grain free as one example. Turbin’s new website,, is a user-friendly website carefully designed and containing an abundance of information about the paleo diet, including FAQs, paleo baking tips, free paleo tip sheets, her eBooks available on her website and—coming soon— bimonthly releases of eBooks written by Turbin already on the paleo diet. Over the course of the next two years, Turbin will be releasing a large collection of paleo gluten-free eBooks for all major online bookstores and available on her website. Turbin’s paleo recipes and kitchen tips have been promoted broadly across the internet and all of Turbin’s social sites including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to name a few. Turbin’s Instagram has reached over fourteen thousand followers in less than 7 months, from those seeking her paleo recipes and kitchen tips.
“I was astonished and touched by all the feedback I received for my latest article,” said Tina Turbin. “I love reaching out to as many people as I can, getting others to understand more about paleo and how it can help and why, in an understandable way. It’s truly rewarding to see that you’re helping so many individuals and families on a daily basis.”
Turbin is also the author of the multi-award-winning Danny the Dragon children’s series. You can find out more about Turbin and her children’s books at
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ABOUT TINA TURBIN: Tina Turbin wrote her first story to help others at age sixteen, and has since gone on to enjoy tremendous success as a multi-award-winning author, humanitarian, and researcher. Working for many years in Los Angeles with children in the Entertainment Business, she remains an active supporter of children, families, healthy eating and lifestyle and works as an advocate in the many arenas of paleo and celiac disease. Turbin’s Danny the Dragon children’s series fulfills a passion of hers to delight through her enchanting characters. Her many styles of writing convey to the young and young at heart. Turbin resides in her East and West Coast studios and kitchens. For recipes and to learn more about the her, the paleo gluten-free diet and lifestyle, visit, and her popular social profiles on Facebook (, Twitter (, LinkedIn (, and Instagram (PaleoGlutenFreeRecipes).
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