Extended Side Plank Exercise Video Revealed by Bodyweight Torch

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BodyweightTorch.com reveals a unique bodyweight ab exercise in a new bodyweight exercises video demonstration.

Ab exercises are very popular with just about any bodyweight training system. But when it comes to abdominal and core training, the most popular ab exercises are sit-ups and a variety of crunches. But Mike Whitfield wanted to do something about this when he introduced his brand new program, Bodyweight Torch, a full 4-week bodyweight training workout that uses a variety of metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning and metabolic finishers. His program includes a variety of bodyweight ab exercises including the extended side plank, which works the obliques (also known as the love handles).

“The extended side plank is a great way to work the obliques without the awkward diagonal crunches and other moves that can put unnecessary strain on anyone’s neck or lower back. It’s also the perfect solution for those that want to work on their love handles without any equipment. Anyone can do this amazing ab bodyweight exercise anytime or anywhere. I typically had clients go for 30 seconds to one minute per side to strengthen their obliques. My clients found this much more effective than side bends and other ab exercises that caused more injuries than worked their core. It’s really important for anyone to work their core on any bodyweight workout program so that as they get stronger, they also increase their core strength with the best bodyweight ab exercises.

Smart abdominal training using safe but very effective ab bodyweight exercises will ensure an improvement in everyday activities and functionality. Some people don’t know the benefits of this unique ab bodyweight exercise, so I wanted to share this video with our subscribers so they can discover how to work their core and abs with the best bodyweight exercises without straining their neck and back. It’s exercises like the extended side plank that make up the Bodyweight Torch program”, said Whitfield.

Download the 4-week bodyweigh workout program that includes the extended side plank at http://www.bodyweighttorch.com.

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