Releases Pre-Purchase Inspection For Boat Motors

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In order to help customers in need of a used boat motor simplify the purchasing process, released a short inspection to perform before buying.

Buying a used boat motor can be a risky proposition. There are a number of things to look out for, and there are a lot of questions to ask, other than ‘does it run?’ The staff at Used Boat Motors wants to help prospective buyers get the most for their money, so they whipped up a short checklist to go down when inspecting a motor that is being considered for purchase.

First off, make sure it runs. It shouldn’t be too loud, and there shouldn’t be any metallic clanking. There will be some exhaust, just make certain that it’s white or grey. Black smoke can mean a couple of different things, but they’re all bad, so either get a significant price drop, or pick another motor.

After running the engine, turn it off and inspect it. Look closely at the fuel lines, they can become cracked or suffer dry rot. Also look at the clamps and fitting on the fuel lines. The fittings need to be securely fastened and not leaking, and the clamps shouldn’t be rusting, or have any other corrosion. Check the primer bulb, it can also crack and rot. Make sure it’s pliable, and functions properly.

The last few things that need to be checked are the fuel tank, the vent on the tank, and the fuel itself. You’re looking for corrosion or cracks in the fuel tank, proper airflow from the vent, and water in the fuel itself.

If, after the inspection, everything appears to be in good shape, or the seller has negotiated the price down for any discrepancies, the motor can be purchased with confidence.

Discovering an issue with a newly purchased item can be a disheartening and expensive experience. hopes to help consumers avoid such an event, and enjoy a little piece of mind with their newly acquired motors.

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