SpectorSoft Provides Enterprises Using Mac OS with Detailed User Activity Monitoring Capabilities

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Gartner, Forrester Confirm Mac's Arrival in the Workplace; SPECTOR 360 Version 7.4 Allows Enterprises to Align Mac Use with Security, Compliance, Privacy Regulations and Policies

User Activity Monitoring from SpectorSoft gives me complete visibility into the digital behavior of all the computers across my network, which includes Macs.

SpectorSoft Corporation, the leader in computer and mobile device monitoring and analysis software, today announced the availability of SPECTOR 360 7.4. This latest version of SpectorSoft’s User Activity Monitoring software for Mac and Windows networks enhances the industry’s most advanced solution for monitoring the needs of computer networks with a mix of Mac and Windows operating systems, or of those dedicated to the Mac OS.

Using SPECTOR 360 7.4 User Activity Monitoring software, network administrators can now quickly and easily deploy, record, alert on and review the activity performed on Mac clients, making SPECTOR 360 unique in its ability to monitor the activities of employees running the Mac OS.

“With its important Mac enhancements, SPECTOR 360 7.4 is in lockstep with the needs of the marketplace today by continuing to affirm the importance of the Mac in general, and the Mac on business networks specifically,” said Mike Tierney, vice president of operations at SpectorSoft. “Just a few years ago, analysts at Forrester Research suggested Windows PCs were the only computers companies needed to concern themselves with, but now that stance has nearly reversed. Forrester recently went on record urging business to prepare for a strong and continual influx of Macs in the workplace.”

SPECTOR 360 User Activity Monitoring (UAM) provides detailed visibility into and analysis of the digital behavior of both Mac and Windows computer users, across all devices, on or off the network, across time, and within the context of their actions. SPECTOR 360 delivers screen captures of all activities that take place on Macs; these provide precise and accurate details that address a broad set of security, compliance, privacy and process-oriented issues in an automated, cost-effective manner. Without User Activity Monitoring, organizations must rely on costly, labor-intensive manual aggregation of logs and event alerts. Manual processes fail to provide reliable, complete results and frequently lead to failed audits, compliance violations and security incidents.

“SPECTOR 360 7.4 is another powerful step forward for what already is the industry’s leading User Activity Monitoring solution,” said Tierney. “Since inception, SPECTOR 360 has allowed IT and security professionals, human resources departments, legal counsel, general managers and business owners to keep their organizations secure and productive by monitoring the digital behavior of their users.”

In addition to Forrester’s guidance regarding the importance of Macs in the business environment, the rise of catastrophic data breaches and insider threat has prompted another high-profile analyst – Gartner, Inc. – to pay close attention to User Activity Monitoring as a critical part of every organization’s security arsenal.

In a March 2012 report entitled Information Security Is Becoming a Big Data Analytics Problem, Gartner’s Neil MacDonald advised, “To help protect from insider attacks and to better detect advanced targeted attacks, organizations are increasing monitoring of all types, including detailed User Activity Monitoring.”

SPECTOR 360 7.4 Does ‘Detailed User Activity Monitoring’
Activities monitored by SPECTOR 360 include email, chat/IM, files transferred, application use, websites visited, Internet searches, documents printed and data copied to removable storage devices. Plus, SPECTOR 360 includes SpectorSoft’s renowned Screen Playback function, a feature that permits the video-like playback of everything users have done at their Mac and Windows desktops and laptops.

“User Activity Monitoring from SpectorSoft gives me complete visibility into the digital behavior of all the computers across my network, which includes Macs,” said Celeste O’Keefe, CEO of The DANCEL Group. “The new version of SPECTOR 360 is going to make monitoring my Macs as easy as it has been to monitor my Windows-based computers. When it comes to SpectorSoft software, I’m a believer. Every business needs to have it. It's a new world with the technology we have out there, something we need to monitor."

SPECTOR 360 7.4 Key Enhancements Overview:

  •     Automated, remote installation and update of the Mac client
  •     System Health Alerts to ensure optimum functionality of all SPECTOR 360 recorders, system services and databases
  •     Support for Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 (included with SPECTOR 360 installation of up to 999 licenses) and SQL Server 2008 Standard (included with SPECTOR 360 installations of 1,000 or more licenses)
  •     Streamlined install, setup and configuration

SPECTOR 360 7.4 is available for purchase at http://www.spector360.com or by calling SpectorSoft Corporate Sales at 1-888-598-2788. Standard pricing is $115 per endpoint for a perpetual license, including one full year of Premium Maintenance at no additional charge. Existing SPECTOR 360 customers receive version 7.4 as part of their ongoing Premium Maintenance plan.

About SpectorSoft
SpectorSoft is the leader in computer and mobile device User Activity Monitoring and analysis software. SpectorSoft has helped more than 160,000 businesses, government organizations, schools, and law enforcement agencies conduct investigations, optimize productivity and efficiency, protect assets and reputation, ensure adherence to Acceptable Use Policies, review security risk, and audit compliance mandates. In addition, SpectorSoft has sold nearly 1 Million licenses to help parents and guardians keep children safe online. For more information, visit http://www.spectorsoft.com

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