PPC Management Company Leaks 4 Important PPC Industry Secrets in an Exclusive Interview

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During a recent interview, PPC management company, Webrageous, leaks four PPC trade secrets that have helped its PPC advertising clients achieve significant success via Google AdWords campaigns so far this year.

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One really good way of ensuring that our PPC advertising clients win the bidding war on any given keyword is to bid just one cent extra than what most other PPC managers tend to bid.

Director of Marketing at Webrageous, David Chapman, in an exclusive interview, revealed some of the PPC management company’s most well-kept PPC management trade secrets.

In a one time only interview, Mr. Chapman leaked four of the most important PPC management secrets which hold the key to the company’s continued success and growth. Webrageous experienced such notable success in 2012 that the number of new PPC managers it hired equaled the number of new PPC advertising clients it added to its client base.

“One really good way of ensuring that our PPC advertising clients win the bidding war on any given keyword is to bid just one cent extra than what most other PPC managers tend to bid,” said Mr Chapman. Instead of bidding $1.50 on a keyword, David Chapman and the team at Webrageous deliberately choose to make a bid of $1.51 thus managing to effectively pip their competitors to the post without raising the stakes too high too fast.

Mr. Chapman also confirmed that one of the quickest ways the company organizes PPC bids and generates more conversions is to sort all keywords in each campaign by cost per conversion and then pause all the keywords which clearly cost too much to convert. Mr. Chapman and the rest of the Webrageous team then continue checking for all keywords which have never converted and they make sure that these keywords are completely turned off. “Every morning our PPC managers are able to perform these quick checks for all PPC advertising clients. Our clients have seen significant increases in their conversions, as a result, regardless of their respective budgets,” Chapman confirmed.

In 2012, Webrageous began focusing more on geo-targeted keywords to help better distribute advertising budget and keep advertising costs to a minimum. “We started to analyze our clients’ accounts by separating each campaign into geographical segments,” said Mr. Chapman. The company found that in doing this it was able to spend more of the advertising budget in those geographical areas where conversions were highest and avoid investing PPC budget in locations which had never even generated one conversion.

In recent months, the company has started to analyze view-through conversions in a lot more detail too. Webrageous manages a lot of PPC advertising campaigns on the Google Display Network. It has been using remarketing techniques to increase conversions and has since found that a much more accurate picture of its clients’ online advertising successes is painted when analyzing data which includes view-through conversion figures too.

“View-through conversions are not counted in regular cost per conversion data, which means advertisers can develop an unmerited low opinion of their PPC campaigns,” explained Mr. Chapman. One of the most effective PPC trade secrets adopted by Webrageous is to find ways of gathering truly reflective PPC campaign data and reporting that data back to its PPC clients.

“Data analysis and reporting to clients are two of the most important elements of the work that we do at Webrageous and two of the reasons why our PPC advertising client base continues to grow year on year,” said Mr. Chapman.

For more information on the PPC management strategies employed by the team at Webrageous, contact David Chapman directly at 530-553-4111 during business hours or visit the Webrageous website at any time.

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