Weight Gain Network Reveals Muscle Building Diet Essentials

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Weight Gain Network Reveals 4 Essential Growth Factors For Any Muscle Building Plan

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Weight Gain Network shows that building muscle doesn't need to be difficult as long as you know which foods to eat.

For skinny men and hardgainers alike, transforming one’s physique can be challenging, especially when battling an apparent genetic predisposition to be thin. But, the body mass experts at Weight Gain Network have helped to crack the code to a perfect muscle building diet. In fact, when coupled with the right amount of effort at the gym, these so-called “Top 4 Muscle Growth Factors” can help to account for at least 75% of results. However, without these 4 muscle building diet essentials in place, Weight Gain Network warns, no amount of effort in the gym will garner the type of results a gainer is after.

So, just what are these 4 dietary essentials for packing on pounds of lean muscle? Weight Gain Network has identified them as follows:

1. A Customized Calorie Intake Goal – Net calories taken in by the body that are above and beyond what’s burned at rest are the fuel that’s needed to build muscle and to keep you going as you work hard to make that happen.

2. Ideal Protein Intake – Protein is an essential building block of muscle and it’s important not to fall short with intake. However, eating more protein does not create more lean muscle, so there is no point to taking in excessive amounts. Take in 1-1.5g of lean protein per day to see results.

3. Carbohydrates for Fuel – Wholesome, complex sources of protein are ideal energy providers for muscles seeking to grow. Plus, when carbs elevate insulin levels, they help prime tissues in the body for muscle building activities like weight training.

4. Healthy Fats For Hormone Balance – So little thought is given to the power healthy fats have over the body’s hormone balance. However, testosterone, the primary muscle building hormone, is optimized when the body is fueled with healthy fats from sources like flaxseed, fish, avocados and nuts.

About Weight Gain Network:

Weight Gain Network is the hardgainer's guide to gaining weight and building muscle fast. Founded by Jeff Masterson, a former self-proclaimed “skinny kid” who “cracked the code” to defeating his skinny-guy genes, with Weight Gain Network, Masterson is sharing his own years of research, trial and error via a one-stop resource packed with real and reliable information on how to pack on pounds of muscle fast. From dieting and exercise how-to’s, dispelling weight gain myths and truths, tips for formulating an ideal weight gain program, the best muscle building supplements and so much more, Weight Gain Network provides a clear overview of how to rapidly reach one’s weight gain goals.

For a full muscle-building plan and more about Weight Gain Network, visit: http://www.weightgainnetwork.com/

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