Wowza Wows the Video Streaming Masses

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Video Hosting has become the backbone of the information technology; it is what holds all the streaming sites on the Internet. Individuals and companies use these services, and Wowza hosting proves to be the new innovative technology that works for everyone.

wowza hosting

wowza hosting

Since we implemeneted Wowza on our servers we've seen a 34% increase in our profits!

Mr. Paulo Santos CEO of Hosting Marketers, Inc. during a meeting with shareholders at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, explained their plans to expand. "Since we implemented Wowza on our servers our profits have raised 34% annually, It is necessary to plan ahead for 2014 -2016, we intend to significantly increase the floor space of our facility at Phoenix, Arizona, and invest 5 Million Euro during this year on our new datacenter in Amsterdam."

Mr. Santos, explained with Wowza anyone can have his own TV station; "This is what happens when you combine Wowza Media Server and Hosting Marketers". Wowza is also used in streaming rich Internet applications over several networks regardless of whether they are public or private Internet protocol networks. The servers work on desktops, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, and other connections from the Internet.

Wowza hosting is a service offered to clients who need to save their data back up in a location where they can:
1.    Easily access the data
2.    Be sure that the data is safe
3.    Save all the data, they have for security.

Wowza Hosting is a service that can be connected to dedicated servers or to cloud computing. What this offers is flexibility and customized service depending on the wishes of our clients. Though they are chiefly java application, this works to the advantage of the client since java is executable in all the major operating systems. It is also flexible enough to broadcast simultaneously from numerous devices and game consoles without disturbances or interference. They can play videos through several playback clients such as 3GPP, WII, PS3, QuickTime player, Adobe Flash players, and IOS devices.

Wowza hosting is done through hybrid servers that provide the client with a lot of power and most importantly stability. These two attributes promise the client efficiency and performance, which ensures that their daily activity is not disrupted, they can back up their data immediately and they are guaranteed an up time of close to 98%, which is impressive for server.

Server Specs
These specifications come with purchasing or renting a wowza server:

  •     Dual Xeon Quad Core E5-2620 processor
  •     24 central processing units
  •     64 gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM)

Why Wowza hosting
One gets to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted videos, HD quality material with clarity for audio and options for chat recording.
It is an affordable venture, and looking at the price and the kind of work it does, one can see that it is a good offer; one gets quality not for cheap, but a sensible price.
Content is protected from prying eyes by passwords or through a pay per view model.

It provides a platform for heavy downloading and management of big files. One can also connect it to a large number of people simultaneously and they can be able to access all the information they need without having to shut the system down.

It is stable to the extent that it is a certified for running commercial material without fear of losing

What you need to be able to use wowza hosting
To install and enjoy the wowza hosting services, a user needs to have preinstalled software that works well and complement the services of these severs. This software includes extensions such an Mplayer, FLVtool, Java, Curl, Lame and sometimes Red5.
When does it prove useful?

One can use the hosting service for events such as meetings, sport events for real-time and slow motion capabilities. Churches have also started using these services especially when there are large congregations to make sure that the proceedings can go on unhampered and that everyone feels part of the service. Offices such as advertising agencies that have numerous video advertisements can relay the videos to offsite television sets as long as they are found n the servers and the television sets are connected.

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