The Footer's Edge Makes Learning to Barefoot Water Ski and Wakeboard Easy with the Barefoot Boom

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The Barefoot Boom can teach anyone from four years old to 400 pounds how to barefoot water ski, wakeboard, or water ski. The Barefoot Boom is now available from The Footer’s Edge at

The Footers Edge Barefoot Boom The Footers Edge is now offering The Barefoot International Boom – making barefoot water skiing easy to learn at

The Footer's Edge - is now offering The Barefoot International Boom – making barefoot water skiing easy to learn at

The Barefoot Boom can teach anyone from four years old to 400 pounds how to barefoot water ski, wakeboard, or water ski. The Barefoot Boom is available from The Footer’s Edge at

The Footer’s Edge’s has a new solution to help everyone from four years old to 400 pounds learn to barefoot water ski, the new Barefoot International Boom. The Barefoot Boom is the fastest, easiest system for teaching beginners who are trying to learn how to stand or to get up on standard combo water skis, slalom skis, or kneeboards or to learn how to wakeboard or even barefoot ski without falling. The Barefoot International Boom is the most ruggedly, yet lightweight, constructed boom device on the market, and it has been used by thousands of beginners to become skilled, confident water skiers in a remarkably short time.

The Barefoot International Boom is a rugged, solid extension from the side of the ski boat, instead of behind it like a towrope. It allows first-time skiers to glide along, side-by-side with a parent or instructor, who can easy talk to the beginners as they move along the water, even at idle speeds. A skier using the Barefoot International Boom can easily rise and stand by holding on to the solid support of the boom with no fear of falling. The beginner learning to ski with the boom is soon ready to advance to full-on skiing with all of the skills and confidence needed to enjoy the thrill of water skiing, barefooting, wake boarding, or knee boarding.

Footer’s Edge president Lane "Dawg" Bowers, who began manufacturing booms in 1983 as his trademark method to teach beginners to water ski, has developed the most durable and effective boom on the market for teaching even the most unlikely candidates. "We can teach anyone from four years old to 400 pounds," Bowers says of the success of the Barefoot International Boom as a teaching device. "Beginners can expect a miracle when they use our barefoot boom," Bowers adds of the product that has been used to teach celebrities such as Mitt Romney and Tony Robbins in no time at all. "Anyone can learn to ski in an hour at speeds slower than they ever imagined."

The In addition to supplying the Barefoot International Boom and a full line of quality ski equipment and accessories for recreational and professional skiers alike, The Footer’s Edge is one of the nation’s top ranked sources for one-on-one personal instruction at its Winter Haven, Florida, headquarters.

They also have a complete series of free step-by-step videos at that can rapidly turn any novice into a confident water skier without falling down with the Barefoot International Boom. "We have tons of free information, tons of free information: HD video help, my free barefoot secrets ski book, with ridiculously great information worth thousands of dollars for free on our website," Bowers says. "Imagine learning how to barefoot ski without falling. You can teach your kids and grandkids. Imagine learning how to backwards barefoot at ridiculously slow speeds without falling."

The Footer’s Edge is known around the world for both its top of the line barefoot booms and its training programs. Private lessons at the Winter Haven facility are booked by aspiring skiers and accomplished veterans from across the nation, who turn to instruction provided by a team headed by Lane "Dawg" Bowers, a member of the World Champions Elite United States Barefoot Water Ski Team. Bowers is recognized as one of the top water ski instructors in the world, and most of the best barefooters in the world are currently coached or regularly train at The Footer’s Edge Training Center. Although Bowers is responsible for coaching many top athletes, he takes his greatest pride in teaching beginners and intermediate skiers.

The Footer’s Edge guarantees that the Barefoot International Boom is the world’s best barefoot water skiing boom sold anywhere, at the best price, and further guarantees that it will fit their customers’ boats – or they will buy it back. The Footer’s Edge’s product line goes far beyond training novices to ski. They are also the number one manufacturer of heavy duty, ultra competition level barefoot booms and other equipment.

Maximum safety is the watchword for Footer’s Edge, and their booms are the strongest, most durable on the waterways. While many believe that light weight is a quality to look for in a barefoot boom, The Footer’s Edge insists that customers should look for alternatives to lighter products made of hollow tubing. The Barefoot International Boom is constructed with solid aircraft aluminum, which enables it to stand up the tremendous pressures encountered when it is used for teaching. Solid booms provide maximum safety with their far superior strength, and they do not spring back drastically when a larger person performing advanced barefooting techniques falls.

The Footer’s Edge outfits its booms with two cables for added safety, instead of the customary single cable setups used on less secure products on the market. "Safety, safety, safety. I have tested every boom on the market," Bowers says, "and when a boom cable breaks because of construction, it is a terrifying moment, whether a skier is attached or not. Two stainless steel cables going from our boom all the way to the point of attachment provide maximum security and safety."

The Footer’s Edge is the top supplier for all types of water sport equipment and accessories at the best prices on the market. In addition to high quality products such as the Barefoot International Boom, Footer’s Edge website offers its free tutorial videos and product guides on many topics including water skiing, wakeboarding, and barefooting. The Footer’s Edge can be contacted at (877) 685-6270 or (863) 268-011. The Footer’s Edge web site,, features complete descriptions of all of its products, videos, books, and instructional programs.

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