Genetically Modified Food Is A Risky Business for Individuals and Families Nationwide

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Seeds Now is currently offering 100 percent non GMO seeds online.

Seeds Now is now offering 100 percent non GMO seeds online | Seeds Now | | Seeds Now |

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Seeds Now is currently offering 100 percent non GMO seeds online.

Without food, we would cease to exist. Next to air and water, it is at the forefront of our core essentials needed to survive. Because we rely on food so much, it is not often we question what exactly it is we are eating. With advances in science every day, it will not be long before we see new versions of food not produced by nature. However, now that Seeds Now is offering a giant selection of 100 percent non-GMO herb, fruit, and vegetable seeds online, consumers can grow their own natural food.

Much of the food Americans eat today has been altered and treated with chemicals to enhance its production. The topic of genetically modified foods is an extremely controversial topic. While many people and scientists believe GMO’s are safe many people believe that Genetically modified food, also known as “GMO”, can result in adverse effects, and because most of it is not analyzed, it poses a significant risk to humans and a potential worldwide epidemic of unknown consequences.

Genetic Modification is the process in which strands of DNA are swapped out from organisms as well as insertion and deletions of its actual genes. Of course at a scientific level of analysis, the process is much more advanced. These modified genes primary roles are: Pest resistance, herbicide tolerance, drought resistance, cold tolerance, and disease tolerance. Today, most all crop fields around the United States are chemically treated to make such ideas a reality. But, genetically modified food has not had proper research. It has been less than 20 years since the first GMO has been introduced. That is hardly enough time to be certain that there are no negative long and short-term health effects on humans.

Experts believe that more than 70 percent of processed foods contains genetically modified ingredients which have undergone very little testing. It is not hard to see why many would be concerned with ingesting anything that has been treated not only with chemicals, but has been altered in some other way than its original form. So what needs to be done to change the outcome of such an overpowering giant such as GMO’s?

  •     Eat fresh certified organic fruits and vegetables.
  •     Grow non-GMO herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home utilizing organic websites like,
  •     Avoid processed foods all together which are primarily made with GMO ingredients.
  •     Know the key ingredients to which GMO’s are most suspect in such as: Corn, soy, canola, and cotton.

The future is untold, but putting complete faith in the major food companies is a gamble that should not be taken lightly. Thankfully there are various ways in which to protect oneself. By choosing to eat foods labeled as non-GMO, growing produce at home, and researching key ingredients that are known to be loaded with GMOs is the perfect way to start.

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