MgDeo Aluminum-Free Deodorant Made From All Natural Ingredients

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New MgDeo hypoallergenic all-natural deodorant made from all natural ingredients is available now from Only Goodness Inside. MgDeo combats body odor, prevents stains, and averts health-harms caused by commercial aluminum rich deodorants and antiperspirants.


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New MgDeo Hypoallergenic All-Natural Deodorant Combats Body Odor, Prevents Stains, and Averts Health-Harms Caused by Commercial Aluminum Rich Deodorants & Antiperspirants for Men, Women, and Kids of all Ages

Using deodorant to combat body odor is an essential part of everyday life. Anyone who is active or works and attends school (and the pressure that can go along with it) understands the importance of wearing deodorant that prevents odor during inopportune moments. While everyone can agree that it is important to avert unpleasant body odor, in recent years, many people have realized that using deodorants can be detrimental to human health. National reports have linked deodorant to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other serious illnesses. Fortunately, there are natural deodorants available on the market that prevent odor and do not risk the health of individuals.

Commercial deodorants (including most name-brand deodorants) contain aluminum, which is linked to a wide variety of negative health conditions. Studies have shown a serious connection with aluminum in deodorant and breast cancer and brain disorders, among others. These aluminum rich deodorants also clog up pores and sweat ducts, which stops sweat but also keep toxins trapped in the body. Since Breast cancer is already a serious threat to women, it is important to start and look toward all-natural products that are safe for the skin and body. Only Goodness Inside’s new all natural, organic, deodorant, MgDeo is the premier choice for any person looking to switch over from commercial deodorants to an all-natural brand. Tested on many individuals who have formerly used prescription strength deodorant and suffered skin irritations from deodorant, MgDeo has proved to combat odor and last in even the most extreme circumstances. MgDeo (short for Magnesium Deodorant) is an all-natural, Dead Sea mineral rich vegan, hypoallergenic deodorant.

MgDeo does not clog up the pores in the underarm. While it prevents odor it does not keep bad toxins trapped in the body. The company uses the highest quality natural minerals and vitamins in each batch, which means that instead of putting dangerous toxins in the human body, people using MgDeo begin to absorb important key vitamins like magnesium. The all-natural deodorant is scentless and uses no aluminum, propylene glycol, toxins, alcohol, parabens, beeswax, or baking soda.

Magnesium and Calcium play an essential role in the deodorant. Magnesium, which is essential for the body’s proper functioning regulates the calcium in the body and helps build bones, produces protein and makes vitamin D available, giving vital energy to the cells. With every application of MgDeo the body absorbs these vital nutrients all while fighting body odor. The deodorant is stain free, which means clothes are protected from the permanent stains that often come from commercial deodorant. MgDeo lasts from a whole day up to a few days. The more people use MgDeo the healthier they become.

Natural deodorants are the best choice for men, women, kids and teens. Not only do they have long lasting health benefits but they keep users feeling fresh and clean for the entire day. No longer do people have to worry about the health harms of keeping away body odor. The company has made the health, happiness, and satisfaction of each user their highest priority.

Beyond deodorant, Only Goodness Inside, also offers an innovative acne treatment, MgClear. The acne cream is a proprietary mineral rich lotion which benefits the skin by absorbing and removing excess oil while introducing health promoting pure Dead Sea minerals to calm, sooth, and smoothen red and swollen areas. The high quality minerals are known to remove toxins, clear pores, and support the skin’s healthy functioning

For a full list of products and to read customer testimonials log on to and begin and adventure in an all-natural deodorant and skincare lifestyle.

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