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Better Business Bureau honors United Gold Direct with “Hall of Fame” A+ Rating.

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United Gold Direct Offers Simple and Efficient Ways to Convert Cash to Gold for American Consumers Searching for Asset Protection  | United Gold Direct | http://www.unitedgolddirect.com

United Gold Direct | http://www.unitedgolddirect.com

Better Business Bureau honors United Gold Direct with “Hall of Fame” A+ Rating!

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 12, 2013

United Gold Direct is the foremost online destination for cash to gold conversions and purchasing precious metals within a self-directed Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k) or Defined Benefit Pension Plan. With over 29 years of experience, the elite management team are experts in the field. The company boasts countless testimonials from satisfied customers and is proud to announce that they have received an A+ rating with “zero” complaints from the Better Business Bureau which proves that United Gold Direct is second to none.

Recently, there has been fictitious online reviews from national competitors. The competition has fabricated information on websites like Ripoff Report about United Gold Direct knowing the damaging effect of reputation management. The United Gold Direct team has proven that these reviews and reports come from individual(s) who were never clients at the company. This was has been confirmed by the fact that complaints made in each report are actually cut and paste duplicates of someone else’s legitimate reports in an act of retribution and extortion by a former employer. The evidence is compelling. The complaints written about United Gold Direct are literally cut and pasted from other sites on the web that are not-affiliated with United Gold Direct. The same review on Ripoff Report was originally posted verbatim in 2009 about a different company; a now defunct gold company, specifically report #456210 filed in March 2009 and report #465545 filed in August 2009.

United Gold Direct has never had a complaint and has refuted these fictitious and malicious reports since they were first posted. “We’re disturbed that people in our industry will stoop so low to fraudulently disparage another company in their industry rather than focus on their own customers’ experience,” said United Gold Direct. “We stand by our original conclusion that without a doubt, this allegation is nothing more than a disgruntled competitor envious of how we exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering metals in a timely manner and at highly competitive prices.” United Gold Direct is a trusted, national, certified, precious metals dealer committed to protecting and growing a client’s wealth. The management team and Account Executive staff are experts in building diversified retirement accounts ranging from as a little as $5,000 and up into the millions. United Gold Direct can develop a wide range of asset and retirement portfolios for every unique consumer. Every qualified investment rollover UGD facilitates is fully approved, which means the rollover is tax & penalty free. Self-directed IRA’s are backed by the hard assets of Gold and Silver coins and bars.

United Gold Direct gives consumers a simple and effective way to purchase gold within a retirement portfolio or as a stand-alone asset acquisition. The expert team will identify a client’s needs for precious metals as either a cash position converting cash into gold or purchasing precious metals within a self-directed Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k) or Defined Benefit Pension Plan. With almost 30 years of experience, beyond satisfied customers nationwide, and a “Hall of Fame” A+ Better Business Bureau rating – United Gold Direct is the only choice when searching for gold, silver, and precious metal investments.

To learn more log on to their website at: http://www.UnitedGoldDirect.com.


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