Video Surveillance for Your Network - the C-All Network Activity Monitor/Recorder Demo Now Available

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Insider access being misused can put any organization into a very costly and damaging situation fast. The C-All Network Activity Monitor|Recorder by Global Digital Forensics is designed to help combat those ever-elusive insider threats, and after receiving numerous requests, a 30 day trial demo is now available for download through GDF at

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Take back control of your cyber assets with C-All

no more mysteries that can’t be solved or proven, and no more feeling out of control

Digital assets are more crucial to business success than ever, making knowing exactly what is, and what has been happening on a network absolutely mission critical. With the C-All Network Activity Monitor|Recorder by Global Digital Forensics, it’s like having a video surveillance system for a network to make it easy to spot, understand and be able to prove exactly what kind of insider abuse or misuse may be occurring now, or has in the past.

How Does C-All Work?

The C-All User Activity Monitor/Recorder records screen captures and keystrokes from any and all systems with the C-All client installed. It also captures remote desktop sessions in full video and allows the playback of the sessions by user or session. Once installed, C-All begins capturing activity and archiving it on a secure server on the network, capturing all sessions and storing them for easy playback.

The Benefits of C-All Video Are Immeasurable

From deciphering inexplicable declines in productivity, to arming legal staff or other company personnel with concrete, indisputable evidence of any illicit or destructive activity, GDF’s C-All User Activity Monitor/Recorder is the tool that shifts the balance of power back where it belongs, in the hands of trusted IT security staff, administrators, executives and business owners. So no more mysteries that can’t be solved or proven, and no more feeling out of control.

Get Detailed Facts about Suspected Policy Violations: C-All not only allows for seeing who is or isn’t conforming to the rules, but exactly what they did and how, in full video detail. So instead of wading through piles of complex and boring logs, or page after page of text, getting to the answers is as easy as watching a movie.

Take the Guesswork Out of What Employees Are Doing on the Network: C-All lets you see who’s been doing what on company time, with company resources.

Customize C-All for Maximum Effect: Easy to configure triggers can be set to alert security personnel or administrators when specific activities are performed, like launching webmail or copying files to a USB device, and an alert can even be sent by email for real-time monitoring.

Easy Searching = Exceptional Results Fast: Search movies by date and time, triggers, sessions, users or activities. You can even use the keylogger feature to zero in on a particular chat session or activity by keyword, all in a simple search interface. C-All makes finding evidence so fast and easy, even unskilled users have no problem performing searches.

Reconstruct Details of an Incident and Players Involved: With the C-All system, sessions and events can be recreated in full detail. See exactly what was done, how it was done, and who was involved. There is no such thing as a grey area when you have the entire chain of events documented in video form.

Uncover Misuse of Confidential or Sensitive Data and Intellectual Property : The internal workings of a company should stay internal. But when someone violates that trust, not only can all the details of the event be uncovered, the culprit(s) can be identified as well.

Protect Intellectual Property and other Critical Data from Leakage: Intellectual Property is at the core of keeping a business vibrant and successful today, and every advantage that can be mustered must be developed and protected.

Identify and Resolve Network Problems: Malicious insider threats are one thing, but innocent mistakes do happen as well, and they can be just as costly. Admins will be able to see exactly how situations unfold and can plainly see what was done wrong and will have the information they need to devise a solution.

Some More C-All Advantages

  •     Unbeatable Pricing
  •     Flexible enough to suit very unique needs
  •     Record all sessions regardless of network protocol or the client application
  •     Almost all types of remote access are supported
  •     Nothing and no one can hide
  •     Simple, integrated installation
  •     Active Directory integration
  •     Export to external formats

Due to its adaptability and flexibility, there are so many ways to benefit by using the C-All User Activity Monitor/Recorder that it would be impossible to name them all here. But the bottom line is, you will finally have control over your digital assets like never before. To download the new C-All 30 day trial, visit the download page, and to see more information about C-All visit GDF’s C-All page. You can also call 1-800-868-8189 today and speak with a GDF specialist for further details about the C-All User Activity Monitor/Recorder and explore the advantages C-All can provide for any unique situation. The consultation is free, but the benefits could prove immeasurable.

*Global Digital Forensics is a world recognized leader in the fields of computer forensics services, eDiscovery, cyber security and emergency incident response.

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