New Cloud-Based Timekeeping Solution Eliminates Legacy Time Clocks and Associated Costs

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Companies can now upgrade to the latest cloud technology and services without having to pay for expensive software or hardware. MinuteHound new software is cloud based and fully supported.

Biometric Time Clock With Cloud Access

MinuteHound Cloud Based Attendance Software

With just the swipe of a finger accurately identified, highly accurate time records are recorded online where they are secure and easily reviewed by management

A clock is an elegant, complex mechanism. It takes care and maintenance to keep it accurate and running smoothly. When that clock is a time clock, that means it's costing the company money. It's also dependent on being set correctly, punched by the correct person, and the time cards must be manually reviewed, corrected, tabulated and entered into the payroll system. MinuteHound offers a simple, cost-saving alternative to the legacy time clock and even the computer-based manual input clock.

With just the swipe of a finger accurately identified, highly accurate time records are recorded online where they are secure and easily reviewed by management. The fingerprint reader costs less than $100; the cloud-based storage and services cost only pennies per employee per day. Payroll gets instant access to records which they can edit/modify in real time from any web browser.

There's a certain nostalgia to the old time clock, the time spent standing in line waiting to punch in and out, the mountains of paper time cards and the mechanical clicks and clunks which uniquely identify a time clock and eventually cause wear and tear. It's fine to keep the clock on the wall since the new MinuteHound fingerprint scanner won't take much room. Workers will have to find new traditions for the beginning and end of shifts because chatting in line waiting to punch in and out is a thing of the past.

Jumping into the future, imagine computers around the world gathering, storing and processing time data for thousands of companies, each representing a brief swipe of the fingertip on the way into and out of work. Imagine management in the air, tapping on tablets to review exactly how many workers have arrived on time, and checking the attendance record of the one who caused an instant email noting that he or she was late again today.

Imagine accounting clicking and downloading the week's records, sending them to the payroll processor, and returning to other work moments later. As the company grows, imagine fingerprint scanners arriving at new locations, installed in minutes by nearly anyone available.

MinuteHound has not only provided a time to retire legacy time clocks, but it has produced the timekeeping instrument of the future, complete with support software and services, all available right now.

MinuteHound identifies workers clearly and accurately with Internet standard timing, but doesn't save identifying images. Fingerprints are transformed into simple numbers using "one-way encryption." Matching the numbers is all that's needed to identify the worker. There are no ominous future worries, and no controversy either: both worker and supervisor can be sure about the facts.

MinuteHound time and attendance systems take companies on a leap into the future as legacy time clocks are replaced by a quick, inexpensive, reliable, and accurate system which saves money and time and eliminates uncertainty. Using a global network of servers, MinuteHound is a futuristic replacement for a mechanical legend.

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