Classic Lessons of Parenting and Growing Up Featured in Agnes Szenozicsk Shultz’s New Children’s Book, The Little Tree

A mother’s advice is always the best and in her new book, The Little Tree, author Agnes Szenozicsk Schultz proves just that.

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The Little Tree

(PRWEB) October 11, 2013

Pediatrician and mother Agnes Szenozicsk Schultz touches on the impeccable and everlasting bond between a mother and child in her new book, The Little Tree.

Featuring the story of a little seed’s survival in the wilderness and the strongest motivation—its mother’s advice—that drives it to overcome the challenges of growing up, the author depicts the important role played by a parent in the early stages of a child’s growth, and how a parent’s words of wisdom and encouragement helps in shaping a child’s character.

The Little Tree, despite being intended as a children’s book, garners positive reviews from parents who have read it. Amanda, a stay-at-home mother, stated, “When I read the book, it made me remember that my children will recall the things I teach them throughout their lives so I need to make sure that I try to teach them good values and morals while being a good example.”

In her newly released book for both children and adults, Agnes Szenozicsk Schultz reminds every parent that the price of good parenting is not a well-provided child, but what kind of individual your child will turn out to be.

Agnes Szenozicsk Schultz is a pediatrician in private practice and a mother of three. Available in paperback, hard cover, and e-book, The Little Tree can be purchased in various major retailers such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble. For more information, please visit the author’s website at