Teenage "Love" Goes Wrong Focus on New Book Published Today

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Written by Jennifer Smith (Anna's mother) and co-authored by Cherry Tigris, “I Trusted Him: The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd,” documents the months and days leading up to a 16-year old girl’s gruesome murder.

Teenage love gone bad. A new book, published today on Foboko.com, “I Trusted Him: The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd,” documents the months and days leading up to the 16-year old’s gruesome murder. Was this tragic murder in the small town of Northern St. Paul preventable?

Sadly, there are many stories of breakups that leave one or both heartbroken and scarred for life. In some cases, tragically, these breakups escalate into what is commonly known as domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV).

This thought-provoking book unveils an inside look at teen dating violence, “I Trusted Him: The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd,” readers quickly realize that the truth is a matter of perspective in this “could be anywhere” town in St. Paul, Minnesota. As is often the case, everyone responsible for fueling the engine of this gruesome murder winds up paying the price, even the people you would least expect. You can download a free copy today at http://www.Foboko.com.

For Anna Lynn Hurd, her family and friends, there were plenty of warning signs that went unnoticed unfortunately as many brushed off teenage volatility on the part of her boyfriend, as just regular teenage angst. While plenty admit to witnessing his jealous outbursts, few took them seriously and worse, some would unknowingly fuel the fire that ended up costing Anna Lynn Hurd her life.

In many cases of intimate partner violence, those closest to the victim are futile in their efforts to warn the victim. Instead, gradually, the abuser becomes successful in their attempts at controlling them,by isolating and mentally brainwashing the person they say they love the most. In Anna Lynn Hurd’s case, her boyfriend’s attempts to control her are disguised by his pleas to spend every waking second with her. In some cases, Anna cannot even go to the bathroom by herself because of her boyfriend’s irrational fear that she is texting someone else. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, too many teens recount similar stories of control and while so many would quickly kick this young man to the curb, what would compel someone to stick around for this kind of abuse? Are there certain character traits, socio-economic, demographic, or other indicators that would make some young girls more prone than others to becoming a victim of Intimate Partner Violence? Is there anything any of us really CAN do to get through to friends or family members who seem hell-bent on continuing relationships with potentially lethal partners?

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