Yourwellness Magazine Investigates Weight Loss Benefits of Meditation

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Yourwellness Magazine looked into how meditation aids weight loss as Google offers meditation courses to its employees.

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Google is offering its employees meditation and mindfulness courses in order to increase innovation, CNBC reported September 20th. The article, “Ommmm! How Silicon Valley values meditation,” noted that Google's “Search Inside Yourself” course has been taken by more than 1,000 employees and currently has more than 400 on the waiting list, and is geared towards teaching emotion management which could eventually increase productivity and creativity. Programme creator Chade-Meng Tan commented, ‘The first thing it does, it enables you to calm your mind in a crisis. It creates a condition for knowledge and self-mastery. It also creates a condition for empathy and compassion.’ (

This inspired Yourwellness Magazine to look at how the “self-mastery” that meditation creates can aid weight loss. Yourwellness Magazine asked readers, ‘What do you think of when you picture meditation? Do you see yourself cross-legged and chanting? Are you imagining a spiritual encounter? A lot of people associate meditation with eastern religions and spirituality, when in fact it can be a simple and effective tool for physical wellness, especially when it comes to weight loss.’ (

Yourwellness Magazine explained that the mind controls the rest of the body, and so if meditation focuses the mind, the body control will follow. Yourwellness Magazine noted that most weight loss wisdom dictates one should be aware of the body’s relationship to food, and how one reacts to it both physically and emotionally. Meditation raises that awareness. Yourwellness Magazine recommended meditating on wellness goals and weaknesses for five minutes in the morning, as this will put them at the front of the mind for the rest of the day. This helps dieters to stop themselves before making any bad choices, and soon weight loss thoughts will become weight loss habits. Yourwellness Magazine added that dieters should slowly increase the amount of time they spend meditating, as this will increase the focus and patience needed for successful natural weight loss.

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