Cerius Survey Reveals Why Companies Engage Part-Time Executives

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Survey shows CEOs reaching out to part-time executives to solve tough problems.

Survey results for Cerius Interim Executive

Survey Reveals Why Part-time and Interim Executives Retained by Companies

The skill level of executive talent available to companies on a part-time or temporary basis has never been higher. CEOs are taking note, said Pamela Wasley, CEO of Cerius Interim Executive Solutions.

When businesses look to solve tough problems quickly, part-time executives are getting a call according to a recent survey by Cerius Interim Executive Solutions.

The survey sought to shed light on why these part-time and interim executives were brought into the clients’ businesses, and what the outcomes were during the period of service.

Clients Seeking Unique Expertise and Rapid Response

In the national survey of interim and part-time executives, 64% reported the reason they were retained for a defined period of time was they possessed unique skills and expertise that were not readily available elsewhere, including inside the company. The second most given reason (by 32.3% of respondents) was speed. The part-time executive was able to begin work on the problem quickly; often in as little as a week from the initial contact.

There doesn't seem to be a single focus of the most valuable expertise needed by US companies. The survey respondents were executives from all disciplines: operations, finance, sales, HR, marketing and IT. The five most-common outcomes of their assignments reflect this diversity. (Responses total more than 100% due to multiple answers).

1.    A strategic direction and/or business plan: 61.3%
2.    Organizational or cultural transformation: 39.9%
3.    Key project initiative completed: 35.6%
4.    Operational savings: 33.1%
5.    Revenue growth: 30.7%

The Contingent Workforce Trend

“The survey results didn't surprise us. Hiring a full-time executive to address a critical issue isn't always practical, affordable, or prudent,” explains Pamela Wasley, CEO of Cerius Interim Executive Solutions. “The skill level of executive talent available to companies on a part-time or temporary basis has never been higher. CEOs are taking note."

Company CEOs who bring in part-time and interim executives value the objectivity that these individuals possess. This in part explains why many of the assignments involved strategic planning and cultural transformation.

The number of contingent workers at all levels has increased 50% in the past four years to 2.7M people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Part-time executives are considered a component of the contingent workforce in the U.S, consisting of independent contractors, temporary employees and part-time employees.

About the Survey

The 176 survey respondents are part-time and interim executives from the Cerius executive network in the U.S. As a group the respondents were engaged in an estimated 500 client assignments during the 20-month period ending August 30.

About Cerius Interim Executive Solutions
As one of the largest providers of interim executives in North America, Cerius has a pool of over 1,000 senior executives from Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, IT, Engineering and Human Resources. These part-time executives are available to step into companies on short notice to fill a sudden gap in leadership, to run a key initiative, or to provide specialized skills and knowledge for a temporary period of time. Cerius serves clients of all sizes from virtually every industry. Cerius is headquartered in Irvine, California with offices in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and San Jose. http://www.ceriusinterim.com, (888) 565-5289.

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