Tip Sheet from GWC Valve International’s David Meador: 3 Tips for Selecting the Right Industrial Valve Manufacturers for Chemical Industry Applications

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David Meador, CEO of GWC Valve International, provides three tips for selecting the top industrial valve manufacturers for chemical industry applications.

David Meador, CEO of GWC Valve International (http://www.gwcvalve.com/), has kept up with the latest market research shows that the chemical industry is the fastest growing market for industrial valve manufacturing companies. Because the field is continually striving to cut down on emissions, protect the environment, and improve overall safety records, it is faced with heavy regulation, which varies incredibly from one region to the next. Choosing the right industrial valve manufacturers is essential for success, and here are three innovative ways to locate the right provider.

1. Locate products using global networks.

It doesn't matter where a customer is physically located, said David Meador (http://www.gwcvalve.com/), CEO of GWC Valve International. Finding high-quality valves to meet production and safety needs is a task that is easily completed with today's global networks. Particular products should be approved to meet the stringent standards that are in place internationally, and regulations include ones that are drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States and the TALuft in the European Union.

2. Find quality and safe products using application-specific solutions.
Meeting the specific needs of an individual business is essential for those who are looking to receive quality, affordability, and safety in the same package. By locating the right chemical valve manufacturers who make products to meet the needs of a particular industry, business owners and managers can reduce their responsibility for maintenance tasks while increasing the safety, control, and quality of the finished product.

With a growing shift in production to emerging markets, many valve manufacturing companies are making products that may not meet the high standards that are normally required in the western world. Because there is little room for failure in a chemical company that manufactures or utilizes toxic, dangerous, or corrosive fluids, it is essential to find a manufacturer that offers the highest quality material and a valve that is designed to provide years of reliable service.

3. Find quality materials.

The individual fluid or substance that moves through a particular valve has a huge impact on the type of material that is used in the product's manufacture. Some materials are better suited to high temperatures, and others are especially made to address the issue of corrosion.

Steel and stainless steel valves are just two of the choices that are available on the market. Steel products can be further divided into two categories that are based on how the particular product is manufactured. Forged and cast steel both offer a number of benefits and are ideal for certain settings. Forged steel is made from heating steel slugs and forging them into the proper shape. On the other hand, cast steel is manufactured in a furnace and poured into a mold that meets the size and shape requirements.

Stainless steel is another type of material that is commonly employed in industrial applications because it is ideal for uses when corrosion may be a factor. Check, globe and gate valves are the three most-common types of stainless steel valves, and they are often used to refine petroleum, paper, or pulp.

GWC Valve (http://www.gwcvalve.com/) International designs and manufactures valves for global industries. Check out GWC Valve International at http://www.GWCValve.com.

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