Tip Sheet: SEM Resource Releases the Top 6 SEO Tips in a Business Blog Search Engine Optimization Checklist

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SEM Resource releases the top 6 SEO tips in a business blog search engine optimization checklist for corporate, small, medium, and large business blogs.

Having great articles on a business blog is only part of what is needed for business blog search engine optimization. There are other factors to consider, and must be incorporated in blog posts to create an effective strategy for SEO. The following blog post search engine optimization checklist should be used in the approach to SEO using quality articles. This work is effective for in house workers or can be outsourced to hire an organic search engine optimization services company.

Permalinks - Make sure that permalinks include keywords. In addition, always use hyphens instead of underscores wherever possible.

Titles – The title can often be as important as the rest of the article. Make sure that the title is indicative of what people are searching for. It is the title that they will see, or at least a portion of it, when search results come back to the Internet user. Naturally, keywords should also be included because this is what search engines will be looking at.

Other title tips – The keywords in titles should be concentrated in the beginning of front half of the title. This reflects how a search engine ranks the importance of a title, and since search engine users looking at the results are going to see the beginning of the title, they will also be able to see the keywords.

Meta descriptions – These are not used by search engines a lot, but when they are, it is because they contain one or more keywords that the search engine user is looking for.
For this reason, whatever description is used, always make sure the meta description contains keywords

Header tags - A properly constructed blog article will always have header tags. They serve a dual purpose. The tags will increase SEO for the article and help the reader easily scan the article. Internet readers have a different behavior than those reading books, magazines or newspaper articles. They tend to scan quickly before reading anything, and having an article broken up into small paragraphs with headers is a strong aide to the reader. Search engines also use these headers, and therefore, they should always include keywords in much the same way as the title does.

SEO with images - Images can be an important part of the business blog search engine optimization strategy if time is taken to make sure the tags are done properly. Take time in naming images and make sure that all of the images have names that make sense. Although this is not a main source of traffic, it will help, and every little bit of traffic is a good thing.

Social networks – When optimizing a site, it is not just about search engines, but also the many social networking sites that are being used today. Many people will find the blog through a social network, and having the blog visible on all of the popular sites will send a lot of new readers to it.

This blog post search engine optimization checklist will help increase traffic to the blog. Put in the time to get the work done or pay an organic search engine optimization services to do this work and see results.

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