Affordable New York Divorce Attorney proves that divorces do not have to be expensive.

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Brooklyn, New York City law office announces one of the lowest divorce fees in the City, $399 (plus filing fees) for an Uncontested Divorce with no children or property. He also is offering a "quick" divorce option, where the divorce will be granted in around thirty days.

The Law Office of George M. Gilmer, Esq. has served the community for 11 years by offering affordable legal fees. He specializes in Family Law, Divorce, Bankruptcy and Immigration cases. Mr. Gilmer is an accomplished attorney with a proven track record of charging low legal fees for simple cases.

Recently the Law Office has announced that it is reducing its already low Uncontested Divorce fee from $499 to $399 for divorces not involving kids or property. This does not include filing fees.

Mr. Gilmer's fee schedule is as follows:

$399 plus filing fees (total of $750) for an Uncontested divorce, no children, no property.

$499 plus filing fees (total of $850) for an Uncontested divorce with children.

$650 plus filing fees ($1000 total) for an Uncontested divorce with property.

Add $200 to expedite your divorce and get it in 30 days (30 days after you and your spouse signs the divorce).

This is a great opportunity for all New Yorkers wishing to hire an attorney to do a divorce for them but uncomfortable paying a high fee for the preparation and filing of simple divorce documents.

"I frankly do not understand why some firms charge so much for a divorce that takes about two hours to complete. There are some great matrimonial attorneys in New York who charge fair rates for complicated matters, because a contested divorce is a lot of work. When a divorce is uncontested, however, the high fees in my opinion are unjustifiable" Mr. Gilmer states.

“In some situations divorce can be crazy. An emotionally driven process guided by ego,” states Mr. Gilmer. In order to get divorced in a civilized matter, Mr. Gilmer suggests that couples understand some golden rules.

1.     Marriage is a contract creating a legal partnership and a divorce is a dissolution of that partnership. “Couples have to understand that once married they are responsible not only for the emotional well being of their spouse, but marriage creates certain financial obligations,” says Mr. Gilmer.

2.    If it isn’t working, don’t prolong the pain. “Get couples therapy, try to work through the problems, but if this doesn’t work, don’t wait to the point of where you hate the person that you were once madly in love with,” says Mr. Gilmer.

3.    If you want a quick painless divorce be prepared to share. “The law requires equitable distribution of marital assets, sometimes maintenance if one spouse was the breadwinner and always child support when children are involved. It is unrealistic to step into a divorce and think that if you hire an expensive divorce attorney he is going to get you out of these obligations. The court’s role is to make sure former spouses and children do not become a public charge, and it takes this role very seriously,” says George.

Mr. Gilmer is also offering to his clients the possibility of expediting their divorce and getting a divorce judgment in as little as a month. "The wait to get a signature on a divorce in all five boroughs of New York City is a long one, from four to 12 months, depending on the County the divorce is filed in," Mr. Gilmer states. His office uses a procedure that gets these divorces signed in about a thirty day period.

The Law Office also provides reasonable rates for contested divorce matters and has trial experience in Matrimonial and Family Law matters. Mr. Gilmer has appeared in court on thousands of occasions and has made oral argument in the State's highest court, the Court of Appeals.

If you are contemplating a divorce, it is advised that you contact Mr. Gilmer. He is offering free phone consultations.

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