W3SitePro/W3PagePro Sets Company Charter As Web Properties Producer, Management and Services

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W3SitePro/W3PagePro, based in Milpitas, California, is a web application property producer, management and service company. Full service web site and web application design, development, maintenance, management and service is provided, in addition to presentation and management of its own active public client facing online application portfolio.

W3SitePro/W3PagePro, a Milpitas, California based startup, set its charter as a web application software producer and web property management and service company.

The Silicon Valley startup, W3SitePro/W3PagePro, aggressively begins business by announcing the release and publication of its first three venture web application properties, AVenuesPlus, Circa Nova and Veterans' Assembly. Following publication of these three web application properties, W3SitePro/W3PagePro hints at a fourth application for business registration and referrals which it dubs "Baelos." Three additional apps are planned for 2014 release. Information blackout wraps are on visions for super robust applications as futures.

W3SitePro/W3PagePro founder, Brian L. Donat states "The FaceBooks, Twitters, E-Bays, Yelps and other major social networking sites have paved the way for web applications, but have remained single web properties which either adapt to changing times by becoming horizontally complex and difficult to use or stagnate. W3SitePro/W3PagePro breaks with the single web property tradition and chooses to produce multiple vertical properties, each serving distinct communities and business organizations. And this business will also tackle maintenance and management services for other web properties which it does not own, but will offer contract services to. Web applications, in all facets of production, ownership, management and maintenance, define the core Darwinist charter of W3SItePro/W3PagePro, success through diversity and progressive evolution. "

W3SitePro/W3PagePro, originally chartered as a freelance independent web development consulting service, changed its charter in early June of 2013. On June 5th, 2013, the startup vigorously began development of its first three visionary venture applications and completed and published all three in the first week of August 2013, precisely 60 days after writing the first lines of code for its Veterans' Assembly application.

The three initial venture apps are social networking portals which incorporate blogging, gallery and message board features. Memberships are free and blogs and galleries may be created and shared amongst private friend groups or be publicly exposed. Veterans' Assembly is a Military Network Portal for Veterans, dependents and supporters. Circa Nova is a general audience Social Networking Portal and AVenuesPlus is an Art Community Network Portal which will allow global artists to post their works and take advantage of built in Buy/Sell referral functionality. AVenuesPlus Venue Galleries may be configured for specific art forms and to target specific regional audiences, from global, to national and down to the level of provincial or regional, for presentation and sales contacts.

The new sites are already compliant with new laws which require youth to be able to delete blog and gallery entries. The three initial applications were intentionally designed to allow all members full control over their blogs, galleries and kiosk message boards, allowing the members full capacity to re-edit and delete if necessary, content they produced. Further, W3SItePro/W3PagePro has stated that the sites will not include rating or review features as recent events have proven these features to be often abused, where ratings have been purchased, used to discredit competitors and/or extort monies to correct bad ratings and reviews. W3SitePro/W3PagePro will not support the propagation of these abusive reputation manipulations through its properties. Instead, the company opts to provide advice to visitors and members of other, less abused, alternatives for determining the reputations of its members and site content.

W3SitePro/W3PagePro plans for all future venture applications to be applicable to and usable by fully international audiences, supported by security and accessibility as well as localization features. A firm believer in Universal Design philosophy, this Silicon Valley startup seeks to transcend all cultural, linguistic, literacy, national and usage barriers to achieve global user rapport and user experience.

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