De Cecco, Italy’s Premium Pasta, Celebrates National Pasta Month with Little Known Pasta Facts Revealed & Myths Debunked

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October is National Pasta Month. De Cecco, Italy's Premium Pasta Celebrates 120 Years of Success in the USA with Little Known Pasta Facts Revealed, and Myths Debunked (

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October is National Pasta Month, celebrating one of America’s favorite foods. De Cecco is America's favorite imported Italian pasta, perfect for every table. Leading chefs the world over choose De Cecco because they know the secret to superior pasta creations – the De Cecco difference! To mark the occasion, De Cecco debunks myths and offers little known facts about the only food that comes in over 600 shapes!

  •     De Cecco’s most popular selling pasta shape is Penne Rigate.
  •     The source of the water used to make pasta makes a major difference in its taste and consistency.
  •     A box of premium De Cecco pasta serves a family of four for less than $3.
  •     According to the National Pasta Association, American consumers eat pasta nearly seven times a month, almost twice a week on average.
  •     Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing macaroni to the United States.
  •     The first American pasta factory was opened in Brooklyn, NY in 1848.
  •     De Cecco offers more than 160 shapes of traditional semolina pasta, as well as whole wheat and spinach varieties.
  •     Myth - Adding oil to the pot of boiling water when making pasta will keep it from clumping (never add oil, it makes pasta sticky).
  •     Myth – Pasta is fattening (pasta in itself is not fattening and has a low glycemic index; it is what you add to the pasta that can make it either heart-healthy and low calorie or fattening).
  •     Myth - Pasta is on record as being first eaten in Italy (pasta was first introduced in China!).
  •     Myth – Pasta contains cholesterol (pasta alone contains NO cholesterol).
  •     Myth – Rinse pasta after cooking (do not rinse pasta after cooking unless the recipe specifically calls for it).

De Cecco is unique among the pasta offerings on today’s supermarket shelves. Carefully crafted in the beautiful mountains of central Italy, De Cecco uses proprietary processes to make its many pasta varieties. The difference starts with De Cecco’s insistence on full control of the milling process and then using only the heart of durum wheat to produce premium semolina. Mixing the semolina with cool natural waters from De Cecco’s own mountain spring, then drawing the semolina dough through bronze dies and finally drying the pasta very slowly at low temperature yields the perfect surface for a rich and even coating of whatever sauce is desired, as well as assuring a texture and “bite” that is always al dente.

The De Cecco family invites all families to celebrate National Pasta Month with us! Visit to discover a variety of our favorite pasta recipes, from quick and easy, to classic and seasonal recipes.

De Cecco, an Italian-based family run company that has been making pasta in their hometown of Fara San Martino for more than 127 tasteful years, has graced American tables for more than 120 of them.

Founded in 1886 by the De Cecco brothers in the Abruzzo region of central Italy, today De Cecco exports to more than 87 countries. Their products include premium pasta, sauces, and its own brand of olive oil, among other related fine foods. For more information, please visit (


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