New Life Skills Lessons for At-Risk Teen Girls in the Art of Living for the 21st Century from ARISE Foundation

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An exciting new publication from ARISE Foundation: Arise Relationship Audits for Girls Only focuses on minimizing social risk taking, all too prevalent in girls growing up today. The girls will enjoy, understand and thoroughly absorb the self-management and decision-making skills essential for navigating the changing content of life in the 21st Century.

ARISE Foundation has spent over 25 years creating its powerful benefit filled life-management skills curricula & staff training programs: Now it is adding the ARISE Relationship Audits and more for the Girls to its growing life skills library: This exciting new curriculum focuses on incorporating thoughtful evaluations prior to forming relationships. The goal is minimizing social risk-taking all too prevalent in girls growing up today.

At-risk girls crave positive long-lasting relationships and these almost never “just” happen. They’re usually a combination of good luck and time-invested learning about the other person. Too often, getting it right is like shooting craps. Girls need to learn to dig deep and learn the good and bad history, likes and dislikes of future prospects prior to involvement. Asking the right questions matters. ARISE provides checklists and more for relationships that work!

First on the list, check off what is required for happiness like: an honest, loving, educated, ambitious, hot, mature, considerate, and dependable partner. Then eliminate the characteristics that should not be part of a relationship: deadbeat with loads of debt, cheater, addict, criminal record, 6 kids by 6 different girls, selfish, violent, empathy deficient, work adverse, abusive, and limited education. ARISE Relationship Audits and more for the Girls delivers almost 200 full color pages of inside information and wisdom even grandmothers and Google can’t provide. ARISE guarantees to help improve the odds of choosing Mr. Good Mate!

ARISE Relationship Audits and more for the Girls is designed to reduce stress, anxiety and heartbreak. The instructor manual and workbook includes:

1.    The “ARISE Boyfriend Audit Choose a Prince, not a Frog” Use this checklist to determine if a person is worthy of one's time, love and energy. The motto is: every girl deserves a healthy relationship with a boy who treats her with love and respect.

2.    “What Does This Person Bring to the Relationship Audit?” Learn now, NOT years and tears later when left alone to struggle with kids and no way to support or educate children.

3.    The “ARISE Family Audit” Get to know the other party's family history and be prepared to deal with generations of addiction, abuse and mental breakdowns.

ARISE wants at-risk girls to understand that relationships are investments, and like any good investment are subject to “due diligence” (the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harming themselves and other persons in a relationship or transaction).It is important to understand the basic principles of a healthy relationship and by using the ARISE Relationship Audits and more for the Girls, young women will quickly realize the choices they make last a lifetime, like a tattoo. ARISE’s new publication ARISE Relationship Audits and more for the Girls can be purchased on the ARISE website:

The latest ARISE life skills curriculum for at-risk teen girls serves this forgotten and underserved population with relationship advice. This exciting full color, non boring, new curriculum focuses on forming positive long lasting relationships and minimizing social risk taking all too prevalent in girls growing up today.

Look at the life of at risk girls who get into trouble; link to the video:

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