Family Board Game Alien Run Seeks Backers for Project on Kickstarter

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Strategically race for riches against family and friends with Alien Run board game, a family friendly game that will provide hours of fun and laughter.

Brooke Klinker-Birdsong is seeking investors to help her family-fun board game, Alien Run, go to production. The game has been named one of the top five games ever played by friends and family. The campaign hopes to raise $20,000 dollars by Nov. 1, 2013 (2:37 p.m. EDT).

Players will orbit space, trying to make their way to the next galaxy by landing at the end, all while wondering if they will get side tracked or pushed forward by wormholes, the role of the dice, or by an opponent. The goal of the game is to have the most money, or Orbs, by the time a player reaches the end.

“As a family, we enjoy our weekly family time together by playing board games. Since we’re such huge board game players, I thought how fun it would be to come up with our own. I designed the game after hearing my children explain the likes and dislikes of other board games, and I knew that we could come up with something really fun. Honestly, this game has it all—excitement, surprise, mystery, twists and turns,” says Brooke Klinker-Birdsong, creator of Alien Run.

The key to the game’s success is strategy. Players never know what awaits them ahead. When landing on a specific area of the board, each component makes a player do a specific task. Will it be a green wormhole that lets the player advance or make positive passage through an area? Or will it be a blue wormhole that pushes a player back or take negative passage? A player could land on a ‘Red Roll Die’ space which allows her to roll the red dice and move forward the appropriate spaces, or land on the ‘Go Back’ space and be required to move back the spaces shown after rolling the dice.

The twists and turns continue as players could land on a mystery space. This allows players to collect $5 Orbs while drawing a mystery card that could help or hinder a player’s progress. Money is needed to buy Trump cards, which are the strategic part of the game. Playing the card can detour an opponent or personally advance the player on the board.

“I know your family will love this game. It’s even perfect for daycares or schools. I’ve made the prototype; it has a patent, copyright, trademark, and I have found a credible company to make the game. But it’s extremely expensive to produce a board game, so without the help of supporters there won’t be an opportunity to play it,” said Klinker-Birdsong.

In exchange for support, Klinker-Birdsong is offering a vast amount of perks, depending on the level of contribution. Investors can contribute by going to the project page and selecting among ten perks. Even one dollar is appreciated. For a $29 dollar pledge supporters will receive the Alien Run game before Christmas. Higher donations can receive more than one game, the Alien Run Historian limited edition, or an autographed edition. Five backers who wish to donate $2500 will receive a dinner with Klinker-Birdsong, an autographed edition, and specialty prints of Alien Run designs. So make a donation, there’s no other game out there like it.

About Alien Run
Alien Run, Race for Riches, is designed and created by Brooke Klinker-Birdsong. A family-friendly board game, it’s designed to strategically outmaneuver opponents. Players race to the end, hoping to win the most money, all the while eager to have the least amount of detours. To learn more about the game or to contribute, go to kickstarter project page at

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