FreeRTOS Adds Nabto Internet of Things Cloud Connectivity to the FreeRTOS+ Ecosystem

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FreeRTOS adds support for patented Nabto networking technology delivering a complete Internet of Things platform including RTOS, IP stack and IoT device remote access services.

Nabto a IoT solution for embedded devices.

Real Time Engineers Ltd (FreeRTOS) have partnered with Nabto to develop FreeRTOS+Nabto, a product that brings simplicity, platform independence, inclusive cloud hosting services, and entry level access to Nabto’s patented Internet of Things solution.

FreeRTOS+Nabto is a small (less than 23Kb including FreeRTOS and the IP stack) piece of C code that, when integrated into an embedded networked device, allows that device to be remotely accessed and controlled through a rich web based interface or intelligent data acquisition system. Each device has a unique URL, allowing the device to be automatically located across the Internet, and the technology allows secure, authenticated and low band width peer to peer connections to be established even when the device is deployed behind a NAT firewall. FreeRTOS+Nabto enabled devices are even accessible over a local network in the absence of Internet connectivity.

The use of cloud technologies means tiny FreeRTOS+Nabto devices can be given rich user interfaces without the need for a file system or a TCP/IP stack. It also allows the rich user interfaces to be accessed locally or remotely from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Different web content can be served to different geographic regions, moving the burden of internationalisation from the embedded device into the cloud, allowing for even smaller code size and simpler more maintainable designs.

All the network routing and protocol details are encapsulated within the FreeRTOS+Nabto product and its inclusive cloud hosting service, enabling FreeRTOS+Nabto to interface with the user’s application source code through a single C function, and enabling FreeRTOS+Nabto to be used with no prior networking experience.

FreeRTOS+Nabto is an event driven multi-tasking environment that allows the application to benefit from FreeRTOS’s special low power tickless operation mode, making FreeRTOS+Nabto a compelling solution for the Internet of Things.

FreeRTOS+Nabto is launched with a fully documented live online example that is running on a small microcontroller, and a separate project that uses the FreeRTOS Windows simulator. The Windows simulator version creates live FreeRTOS+Nabto nodes on a local network to allow FreeRTOS+Nabto to be evaluated immediately, and without the need to purchase any specific hardware.


About FreeRTOS
FreeRTOS is amongst the most widely downloaded and used real time operating systems available. It was downloaded more than 103,000 times in 2012 alone, and is used in both high and low volume products in all industry sectors. It came top in class in the last three years EETimes Embedded Market Surveys. This unprecedented market success originates from its compelling value proposition; commercial quality, strictly quality controlled, supported and robust code in a free product that does not compel you to expose any proprietary code, and does not suffer from any IP infringement worries. Further, the option to convert to a fully indemnified version that comes with tracked and ticketed support at any time before, during or after development means FreeRTOS actually offers lower project risk than paid for alternatives.

About Nabto
Nabto is a peer-to-peer remote access communication platform for embedded products. The platforms offers a simple and secure HTML5 or APP interface to be exposed to end-users along with an adaptive and flexible data-acquisition interface for data-collection to central analysis and monitoring systems. The business model is fully aligned with the BOM cost structure vs. a recurring fee model that is seen from all competitors. The peer-to-peer remote access technology offers a responsive, scalable and cost effective solution. Nabto has a proven track record with multiple high profiled customer products in operation and production.

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