Honey Cooperative takes the Exporter of the Year Award 2013

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Copiasuro RL, Polyproductos of Guatemala, TPPE marketing, Cooperative Association of Family Prodesarrollo Ixil -APRODEFI- and Design Trends are the companies that received the highest recognition of exportation on 2013: the National Export Award, granted by the Guatemalan Exporters Association, AGEXPORT.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the National Export Award, the only event that recognizes the work of Guatemalan exporters and the second in the Central America region which reaches its silver anniversary, the President, Otto Perez Molina and his full cabinet, Presidents of Chambers of Commerce, and all together with AGEXPORT Directors give the recognition to 5 companies recognized as best exporters.

"This award fulfills today its 25 years... twenty-five years recognizing the work of the entrepreneurs exporters, becoming the expression of the dreams of hundreds of entrepreneurs who started the adventure of competing in the world market, aiming to be among the best!, said AGEXPORT President, Estuardo Castillo.

Award as exporter of agriculture and fisheries sector: Copiasuro RL

Synonym of exported honey, Copiasuro RL, is part of the network of Cooperatives Without Borders and their workplace is set in the village El Sitio, Catarina, San Marcos, and from there they work with neighboring communities and around the border with Mexico. With just seven permanent jobs, it has succeeded in bringing economic activity based on the production and marketing of honey in a wide range of producers in that area of Guatemala. Since its inception in 1993 they had the vision to export honey, leaning on fair trade practices, nowadays they sweeten the palate of consumers from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The honey of COPIASURO Cooperative RL is certified as Fair-trade, and their customers and neighbors recognize not only the quality but also the social and economic impact towards the surrounding communities.

Award as exporter of manufacturing sector: Polyproductos of Guatemala, S.A.

It is a company with 35 years of experience, located in Villa Nueva, Amatitlán. Its main exports are woven sacks for packing and handling cargo, container liners, protected production systems, ties, threads and fibers, among others. It was founded in 1978 and12 years later they decided to embark on an export market. It currently generates 700 permanent jobs, which have been on a steady increase in the last three decades.

Award as exporter of services sector: TPPE marketing SA

It is a digital advertising company founded in 2006, and since then it has regional leadership and market presence in the South American and North American with offices in Argentina, Colombia and Miami. Additionally, its portfolio includes customers in Europe and South Africa. Among its digital strategy services they offer 360 degrees, with products such as social networking management, search engine placement, web development and mobile digital media buying and digital creativity in design and innovation. They received an Effie Award in 2012, and one of its most important contributions is training hundreds of young people that have been inserted in the export industry IT.

Export Award, rural chain : Cooperative Association of Family Prodesarrollo Ixil-APRODEFI-

The Cooperative Association of Family Prodesarrollo Ixil, APRODEFI is located in the village of Chajul, Quiché. They began operations in 2000 and they now benefit over 230 families in the region, dedicated to agricultural production, especially of French beans, green peas, snow peas and snap peas. Its production is chained to San Juan Agro export companies and Cuatro Pinos Cooperative, through which they make it to the U.S. market. Currently Aprodefi is working on crafts, in the search of new customers based on a process of market intelligence.

Export award Pyme export: Design Trends S.A

It was founded in 2010 and since its inception it was consolidated as an exporting business in the area of design services, combining the crafts in decorating homes. Born as a small enterprise with only 3 permanent jobs and 20 temporary positions, today they generate 400 jobs. Design Trends S.A is a service company that has a store named The Mayan Store, specializing in the design and production of decorative handicrafts for homes and personal accessories exclusively handmade. Their main products are: typical textile cushions and textile shoes and flats of typical cloth. Its main feature is the link between tradition and innovative design techniques, which gives prominence to the crafts of Guatemala. 100% of their inputs are from different departments, and are currently exported to Venezuela, the U.S. and Canada.

And the exporter of the year is: Copiasuro R.L.

As in the past year, the organizers of the National Award for Exporters chose the Award Winning companies in the categories of Manufactures, Agriculture and Services to participate in the highest recognition: the Exporter of the Year. It is this way that Copiasuro, takes two big awards: Exporter Award for Agriculture and Fisheries and the highest honor of the night, Exporter of the Year. Copiasauro is dedicated to the production, marketing and export of honey with Fair-trade certification, which exports increased by 40% last year compared with the previous year and is certified for quality standards flowercerte Fair trade, ISO9001-2008, and good manufacturing practices.

In commemoration of the silver anniversary of the Award, AGEXPORT handed over two awards to: Al Invest IV Program of the European Union Cooperation for supporting the internationalization of over 1,200 PyMes that strengthen their skills and successfully enter international markets, and the Ministry of Economy and the National Competitiveness Program -PRONACOM-, for promoting the grow of export enterprises, strengthening the business climate and the country's competitiveness in the medium and long term.

Today we have a President, a Minister of Economy and Competitiveness Commissioner, who have a clear understanding that the only way to create welfare is by producing more, attracting investments and improving the country's competitiveness! Because of this, and facing the responsibility that we all have to take our country forward, AGEXPORT aims to work on three pillars: Strengthening the institutional framework in order not to retreat; Support the generation of export supply in sectors that have a chance; and pass laws that will improve the business climate and job creation in the country, said Castillo.

Regarding this, the Director of AGEXPORT said: We appreciate the action of the President of the Republic to present to Congress a package of 9 laws, aimed to create public policy tools to generate jobs in the country. These initiatives represent the new instruments on incentives and the improvement of the business climate and institutionally. We firmly believe that If good laws come out, then good investments will come in, if we generate good politics, then we will generate good development. If joint partnerships come out, then job opportunities will come in and exporting Guatemala will move forward, he concluded.

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