Analyzes the Reasons Why Men Cheat, What Men Want in a Woman and How to Spot a Liar

Share Article uncovers the main reasons for infidelity in men, looks at the traits men find attractive in a women and examines common signs of deceit.

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Regardless of age or dating experience, there are a few relationship dilemmas that are on most women's minds: what men want in a relationship, what are the main reasons why men cheat and, when suspicions that something is not quite right start to arise, how to spot a liar. analyzes all three issues to help women gain some insights when it comes to these important romantic aspects.

Every man is different and wants different things from his romantic partner. Nonetheless, irrespective of personal values and character, there is a series of traits that men want their partners to have. From the most desirable personality traits to the physical appearance related preferences, the article on types of women men find attractive sheds light on some of the main aspects that make men fall in love.

Unfortunately sometimes, even when women possess the right qualities they still end up being cheated. After the initial shock and hurt feelings start waning a bit, a nagging question still remains: “why?”. The causes of infidelity in men are varied and, even though determining the exact reason for infidelity doesn't diminish the pain, knowing why can be helpful in the process of getting closure. While there are no definite answers in the area, the article on why men cheat highlights some of the most common reasons behind the hurtful decision, from men's perspective.

Anyone who has been through such an unpleasant situation or who has detected something unusual in the partner's behavior and asked themselves whether or not such suspicions are unfounded has wondered how to spot a liar. The skills of detecting deception can come in handy in all areas of life, so it's definitely worth learning more about the behavioral patterns and body language signs that indicate that a person is lying.

Behavioral scientists and forensic psychologists pay attention to the unconscious signals a person sends in order to determine whether a person is being sincere or not with great success and there are plenty of useful things one can learn from these specialists. With the right knowledge on what to look out for, a willingness to trust one's instincts and a bit of practice, anyone can become better skilled at evaluating whether someone is trying to deceive them or not and potentially avoid a lot of suffering, guilt and/or embarrassment. The article on how to tell if someone is lying uncovers some of the most common body language signals, behaviors and speech patterns that indicate dishonesty.

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