Puig Hair Restoration Center Announces New Medical Hair Restorations

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Improved treatments help patients enjoy natural hair restoration.

There are many different treatment options available for both men and women who are dealing with thinning hair or hair loss. This is a very common condition that may be caused by different factors and conditions. In addition, there are also numerous treatment options that men and women can attempt to use. For example, some may wear a hair piece to cover a balding spot, and others may use medicated creams or shampoos to instigate hair growth. Puig Hair Restoration Center offers a superior solution to these and other options. Its new medical hair restoration services have been successful in helping many people grow their natural hair in areas where hair loss was present.

Many people who have not experienced hair loss themselves may not fully understand how damaging this can be to a person’s life. The fact is that this is a condition that can cause embarrassment and unhappiness in both men and women. These individuals may shy away from social situations and may lack confidence in different areas of their life, including in their personal and professional lives. Because of this, baldness, thinning hair and other related issues can be damaging and problematic to individuals. This problem is more than just cosmetic.

At Puig Hair Restoration Center, Dr. Carlos Puig and his team offer patients effective treatment options for this condition. There are several different solutions available, including a follicular implant procedure. With this procedure, individuals will have active, healthy hair follicles from one area of their body transplanted to the area where hair loss is present. This results in the person’s natural hair growing in an area where it previously was not.

The follicular transplant procedure can be tedious, but it also can be highly effective. Individuals who are dealing with hair loss often have the desire to achieve a natural look to new hair, and the follicular transplant procedure places natural hair that matches the person’s coloring in an area where hair currently cannot grow. The result is that the individual is able to enjoy the look of natural hair along with the benefit of continued hair growth. Individuals who may currently feel self-conscious or who lack self-esteem because of a hair loss issue can easily overcome their issues with the services of their team at Puig Hair Restoration Center.

Puig Hair Restoration Center is the medical center that all individuals should turn to when they are ready to do something about their hair loss issue. The fact is that this is just one of numerous hair restoration services that can be implemented with great results, and through a free initial consultation, new patients can begin exploring the treatment options so that they find an effective treatment that is suitable for their needs.


For numerous years, Dr. Carlos Puig and his dedicated, friendly team at Puig Hair Restoration Center has been helping local patients overcome their hair loss challenges with effective treatments. It offers numerous treatment options that can be effective at helping patients overcome their challenges with great results. Through an initial consultation, patients can learn more about these treatments and can receive a medical opinion about the option that is right for them. Individuals who would like to set up a free initial consultation with Puig Hair Restorations can call the office at 866-314-5273

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