New CIFAS Report Says 82% of UK Fraud Cases Occur Online – AU10TIX Points Out That Most Online ID Document Screening And Processing Is Still Done Manually

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Recent CIFAS fraud report states that 82% of all fraud cased occur online, adding to previous publication that indicated that 52% of all fraud cases involve identity fraud. Many enterprises still check and process online submitted ID images manually despite the fact that technologies for automating content retrieval and examination of ID document images are already available.

European passport captured by a tablet camera for submitting to AU10TIX BOS

In the fast moving - short patience online universe, manual ID image processing translates not only to easier fraud but also to loss of business due to slow response time and higher chances for data entry and qualification errors.

According to the latest report released by CIFAS – UK’s non-profit anti-fraud organization, while overall levels of reported fraud decreased slightly, identity fraud continues to rise. Earlier CIFAS publication stated that identity fraud has become the most prevalent type of fraud, involved in 52% of all fraud case ( The latest CIFAS publication draws attention to the fact that no less than 82% of all fraud cases occur online.

Till recently, fighting identity fraud online in regulated markets such as banking, financial services, gaming or car rental relied on manual examination of customer submitted images of ID documents. Slow, costly and often inaccurate manual handling of large volumes of ID images is well recognized as sore point and major bottle-neck for online service providers. In the fast moving - short patience online universe, manual ID image processing translates not only to easier fraud but also to loss of business due to slow response time and higher chances for data entry and qualification errors.

Converting ID document images that customers may have produced using smart-phone cameras, office scanners and the like, and at any conceivable level of quality, is a whole different challenge.

First to meet the online ID screening and extraction challenge, fully automatically and at significant rates of success has been AU10TIX. The AU10TIX BOS (Back Office Service) solution has gained significant mileage and rapid improvement since its launch last year. Unlike conventional solutions, AU10TIX BOS solution is fully automated and does not require manual customer intervention. Furthermore, AU10TIX BOS has proven to have more effective and often comprehensive checks than conventional solutions.

Service providers favor the AU10TIX BOS solution also thanks being self-contained and fully operational within client system environment. BOS can operate as an internal rather than external service and not require access to external resources (unless so desired by client). This forward looking design helps service providers maximize information safety. Users of AU10TIX BOS also benefit from the ability to integrate the application seamlessly into their workflow and adjust it to support relevant internal policies.

“We pride ourselves on having created the most forward-looking technology and for having such supportive clients who work together with us to shape the most effective solution out there”, says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX: “Our technology helps our clients not only better protect against online and front-end identity fraud, it also makes a lot of business sense. Using it helps speed-up response time, reduce manual work and increase the quality of data entering risk-management and CRM system. This is much more than fraud protection. It is also about competitiveness and operating efficiency.”

“Secure Customer Onboarding is the future of customer screening and acquisition,” says Ofer Friedman, AU10TIX’s VP Marketing: “Online is different volumes and different customer behavior. That knows anyone who provides online service. Fraud protection and speedy, effective customer processing are now one thing. Fraud is shifting online because customers and services are shifting online. Early adopter service providers are already there. It is still the phase where those who have BOS gain an immediate edge over competition.”

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