Conversations with Angels and ETs on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio with Tom Moore, Author of The Gentle Way Series and First Contact

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Contact with angels and extraterrestrial are unique or may be pure fiction, or are they? Talking with Angels, requesting "Most Benevolent Outcomes," and encounters with ETs explored with author Tom Moore on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show podcasted at

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What would you do if you knew you could speak with Angels or Extraterrestrials and confidently ask for the "Most Benevolent Outcome"?

Consider improving the quality of life by dialoguing with Angels and requesting optimal outcomes as Tom Moore discovered over 16 years ago. Then wonder how communicating with ETs would change life. Join Tom Moore who claims to have both clear connection with his Angel Guides and ETs. His experiences are described in his four books, "The Gentle Way" (I, II, III) and "First Contact: Conversations with an ET." Tom Moore's in-depth interview on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio live and podcasted at

Tom Moore states:
“I discovered that I could ask my Guardian Angel for assistance from the smallest requests for a parking place near a busy restaurant or store, to the really important requests of assisting me in negotiations in my international film distribution business,” says Mr. Moore. “The result was much less stress in my life and more success.”

In THE GENTLE WAY, Tom Moore relates success stories of how he, his family and friends requested Benevolent Outcomes. As an example, he would say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a seat on this subway.” As a consequence, Tom, in Paris one day, obtained a seat each time he rode five different subways on his way to and from a business appointment, even during busy travel times.

Written for people of all faiths and beliefs, THE GENTLE WAY series shows how to ask assistance from the Angels for help in our daily life, whether at home or work, traveling for pleasure or if we find ourselves in dangerous situations. Moore also shares with us how our Angels can help keep our identities free from theft.

Tom Moore's Books Available on Amazon

Book Reviews:
Promise Magazine, Ohio--5 STARS!
"This book will not confuse you. It lays things out for you in an easy to read and understand manner. The objective taught in this book will help you in everyday life. Manage your stress, relationships, work and more with your angels at your side! Learn how to live with your angels and we think you may be able to add a bit more joy into your life. In our opinion this book will get you started on a stronger path! Highly Recommended!"

Claire Papin, Host of "It's All Good" on Sirius Satellite and Lime Radio
"The Gentle Way has brought me closer to a better understanding of the Divine communication with our Angels. In working with Tom's guidance, I now have a supportive tool for creating a gentler path with benevolent outcomes that I use to take for granted...a vital tool for anyone who wants to live a more blessed and purposeful life."

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