‘Brilliant’ New Novel – Tomorrow Comes – Presents Compelling View of AFTER-life, Brings Inspiring New Hope to Those Who’ve Lost Loved Ones

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Five-star reviews welcome release of remarkable work, signaling successful debut of new novelist Donna Mebane as “master storyteller”.

Front cover of new provcative novel Tomorrow Comes

Inspiring & hopeful new novel - Tomorrow Comes - explores the afterlife in a fresh new way.

Beautifully written, easy read, comforting, hopeful, poignant - bottom line, I loved it.

In today announcing the official release of Tomorrow Comes: An Emma Story, publisher Starshine Galaxy relies on some of its first readers, who have shared these thoughts in their public Amazon reviews (available in full on the Amazon site):

-- "I’m not sure a book exists that could make me feel good about death. However, Tomorrow Comes: An Emma Story gave me a whole new way of viewing 'After' life ..."

-- "Tomorrow Comes is an emotionally visceral masterpiece in which the author beautifully demonstrates through her writing that our loved ones do in fact live on, and even SHINE, after their earthly demise ..."

-- "You’ll find yourself exploring, questioning, and digging deeper into whatever beliefs you hold about what happens after our time here on earth. Definitely guaranteed to give your brain cells and imagination a much needed workout!"

-- "The story is so creative and clever, while providing the hope that our loved ones who have gone before us still have ways to communicate with us and remain a part of our lives in a new way in the 'After' ..."

-- "What a wonderful, wonderful, book! It is a must read for anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a loved one or wondered about what happens to human beings (and animals!) after they die. Read this book TODAY!"

Tomorrow Comes is written by Donna Mebane – a first time author, recognized as “a beacon of hope,” with stories that “lighten the heart and touch the soul.” The book, published in print and kindle formats, is available from all major online booksellers and by special order from independent bookstores.

According to Tracy Spevak, spokesperson for Tomorrow Comes publisher, Starshine Galaxy, “Tomorrow Comes is a book of hope. While it features Emma, a young woman who was taken far too soon, the story is really about what happens afterwards, when Emma’s eyes pop open in a brand new world.” Emma calls this new world AFTER and, as noted on the book’s back cover, Emma “is no expert at first” in navigating through AFTER, but she “soon discovers she can communicate with loved ones and helps steer them to a better place.”

The premise of Tomorrow Comes is straightforward: Emma, a popular, spirited 19-year-old, dies in her sleep, from no apparent cause. But that is only the beginning, as the book starts on the morning after her death with this line: “Emma opened her eyes ...”

From that point on, the reader is carried on a roller-coaster ride over 239 pages of emotional terrain – experiencing a wide range of feelings. As one reader observed, “This book will make you cry, smile, remember, think, hope, and laugh all in one sitting.” In addition, the reader is presented with a mosaic of perspectives on Emma’s death as seen through the eyes of family and friends, while at the same time living vicariously through Emma’s adventures in AFTER.

The reader quickly realizes that Emma is not your traditional heroine, in that she has evident shortcomings (that she is the first to admit), but her honesty and authenticity and her maverick, rule-bending ways quickly capture readers’ hearts.

One fan noted, “What makes this book so special is that it is both based in reality, where you quickly fall in love with Emma and fall to pieces when she passes, and alternative reality, filled with hope, where you truly connect with Emma at a deeper level as she starts building a life in the AFTER ... a life you hope your loved ones who have passed are experiencing.”

Starshine Galaxy’s Spevak noted, “We are delighted to bring Ms. Mebane’s work to the public market, but it doesn’t neatly fit into any existing category of literature. In some sense, it is a ‘coming of age’ story, but in ways that are very different from others. Also, the book is not really ‘religious’ but it has lots of spiritual implications. Likewise, it is not a ‘grief’ book, but it seems to bring great comfort to those who are grieving. So, we call it simply a work of ‘reality fiction,’ but readers need to decide for themselves what it means to them.”

Here’s the impact on one reader: “I loved it. It was unlike other books I have read. It was as moving as it was uplifting. I laughed as much as I cried. And it left me thinking about those I’ve lost and the life they might be living after death in a unique way that really resonated with me.”

What may not be evident at first is that author Donna Mebane is inspired by the loss of her own daughter, Emma. Ms. Mebane notes in the author notes included with the book, “I’m not a theologian or a psychologist or a philosopher. I’m not even a writer. I’m just a mom who loves my kids and assumed, like every mom does, that they’d be a part of my life for all of my life. But in July 2011 ... my beloved daughter, Emma, went to sleep and never woke up.” So began an effort to “find the words” to express her feelings that results today in the publication of a work that is hopeful, creative, masterful, and truly novel ... in many significant and riveting ways.

Headlines from Amazon Reviews (U.S. and U.K.)

... Truly inspiring ... Wonderfully creative ... A wonderful story of hope for the after life ... Honest, Hopeful and Heart Wrenching ... Beautiful ... Loved this book ... Beautifully written ... Read this book! ... Loved it! ... A wonderfully inspiring, enlightening and intriguing book! ... “Heaven”? ... heartwarming ... Beautiful ... Sorrow turned to hope ... Beautiful, touching story! ... Hope for AFTER ... Loved it! ... Comfort in a time of loss ... So moving - a must read! ... Touching Tribute ... A wonderful story of hope ... Love lives on ... Inspirational! ... A beautiful story of love, grief, and hope ... Couldn’t put it down! ... Keep Emma’s Star Shining - Read Tomorrow Comes! ... love this very special book ... It is certainly more than a ‘story’ ... A Unique Perspective and Touching Tribute ... A must read! ... I fell in love ... Emma Shines On ...

Book Facts

Tomorrow Comes: An Emma Story
Authored by Donna Mebane
Published by Starshine Galaxy

Print Version
ISBN-13: 978-0-9857608-0-9
ISBN-10: 0-9857608-0-X
BISAC: Fiction / Coming of Age
5.25" x 8" (13.335 x 20.32 cm)
Black & white on white paper
239 pages, 11.8 ounces
List price: $14.99

Kindle Version
ISBN-13: 978-0-9857608-1-6
ISBN-10: 0-9857608-1-8
Word count: 67,879
File size: 405 KB
List price: $7.99

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