New Investing Guide Available at Teaches Stock Picking Basics

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A brand new stock investing guide was just published at For more details, visit

A brand new investing guide has just been published at The guide, which can be found here, uses an unconventional but previously successful approach to picking winning investments.

The topics and strategy discussed in the new investing guide at can be described only as unconvenitional. The crux of this new guide is professional stock analysts and financial advisors are able to crunch numbers and calculate the exact value of a company better than an individual investor is going to be able to on their own. As a result, trying to beat the market average (and hence outperform these investing companies) by looking at financials is a losing proposition. The individual investor has less tools, less skills, and less time to dedicate to finding the best stock on paper. Other data needs to be considered in order to determine top companies for investing purposes.

Rather than focusing on financials, the new guide encourages investors to focus on three factors when evaluating a company and its stock. The first is profitability: investors should only invest in profitable companies. The new guide warns that exciting ideas and concept companies that make no money often go out of business before ever materializing any profits.

The second tenet is only investing in companies that produce the best products. According to the guide, this most difficult part of executing this strategy is being a realist and not letting personal fancies and biases determine investment choices. The biggest mistake among investors picking companies based on product quality is that often an individual's preferences differ from the public at large. In order to successfully decipher which company is truly the best in a given sector, it requires putting individual preferences at side and instead using public opinion from the consumer to determine which product really is the best in its class.

Finally, the new guide encourages would-be investors to only buy into companies that are attuned to the direction in which the world is moving. Movements create great investment opportunities. For example, the green movement has created a lot of interest in sustainable and responsibly-raised food sources. Companies which sell these types of foods like Whole Foods (WFM) and Chipotle (CMG) have done very well over the last few years. By investing in profitable companies that are poised to grow due to these changing trends, yields have the potential of beating the market average.


For more details, visit A full copy of the new investment guide can be found at

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