A Nonprofit for Heart Wellness That Challenges Checks and Balances in the Medical System

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At Body For The Ages Nonprofit, founder and hospital expert Pax Beale says, “Organized medicine isn’t a dysfunctional system; it’s a non-system.”

The medical system isn’t a dysfunctional system; it’s a non-system.

Researcher, U.S. patent holder, and prior owner of two acute general hospitals, Pax Beale, announces that he has launched BodyForTheAges.Org. The newly launched website for Beale’s Body For The Ages Nonprofit Organization allows participants to work with live Personal Coaches in an effort to combat heart risks. Amid launching, Beale discusses problems in the U.S. medical system, which he hopes to take on with his Body For The Ages Total Commitment Wellness Program. The program, custom tailored for each participant, combines nutrition, supplements, prescription exercise, and Beale’s principle of Total Commitment.

In discussing a need for what he refers to as “checks and balances” in our current medical system, Beale says, “In our country, buying a condo involves a product with infinitely more checks and balances for quality control than getting, for example, an angioplasty for heart disease. It sounds like an easy to correct administrative problem, but it’s lasted since the origin of Medicare, and still exists today. Your cardiologist is permitted to unilaterally decide you need an angioplasty. He schedules you, and before you know it, you’re under anesthesia, and a balloon is put in your artery, expanding to widen it. No one is looking over your cardiologist’s shoulder to see if you actually need the angioplasty, nor is there anyone in the hospital watching the procedure, to insure quality control. Conversely, a condo gets the inspection of a general contractor over the subcontractors. The architect checks to be certain the general contractor is having the condo built according to the architect’s blueprints, and then city inspectors confirm the work has been done per code. Finally, you get to occupy your condo. Sad to say, a condo receives more quality control than an angioplasty procedure. The medical system isn’t a dysfunctional system; it’s a non-system.”

Beale goes on to explain that his newly launched BodyForTheAges.Org heart wellness site is built on checks and balances. Site visitors who become Team Members participate in the Total Commitment Wellness Program under a live Personal Coach. Says Beale, “The Personal Coach’s recommendations are all scrupulously reviewed and approved, prior to implementing with the Body For The Ages Team Member participant. Never before has a person interested in heart risk prevention been able to receive from one source an individualized heart wellness program that delivers basic nutrition, prescription method of training, scientific supplements, and much needed psychology. We motivate our Team Members in their quest to live to their maximum genetic lifespan.”

Beale, now 83, describes Body For The Ages Nonprofit his ‘swan song,’ and the most exciting project he’s ever founded.

The mission statement found on BodyForTheAges.Org is to attack America’s #1 killer, heart risks. Says Beale, “My medical records show that I didn’t reduce my heart disease; I reversed it. Proof is that the lifespan of my heart bypass surgery was expected to be ten years, but I’m now in my 23rd year, and still working over 40 hours a week, lifting weights five days a week in an effort to maintain flexibility in my artery walls, with no signs of slowing down. If I can do it, so can you, or someone you love.”

Details of Body For The Ages Nonprofit’s heart wellness program are available at BodyForTheAges.Org.

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