Pipelinersales Announces the 5 Key Benefits of the New CRM Solution Model

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A new age of CRM has appeared on the market that signals a new pattern in CRM.

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The traditional CRM solution model does not make sense anymore.

Pipelinersales Inc., creators of Pipeliner next generation sales CRM software announced five key benefits of the new CRM solution model. A growing number of salespeople and sales management executives agree: the traditional CRM solution model does not make sense anymore. A new generation of CRM solutions has appeared on the market that signals a new pattern in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Here are five key benefits brought about by the new CRM solution model.

1.    Company Patterns
Before the implementation of a CRM solution, a company already has various patterns it is following to bring its products and services to market. The most immediately important of these is the sales process—that series of exact steps a sale is taken through from lead to close. A CRM solution of the new generation is highly flexible so that it can easily mirror a company’s sales process. That flexibility allows sales reps a tight level of control and view of their own sales pipelines. Such a model greatly reduces sales rep time reporting and they can create analyses and sales forecasts of their own. These forecasts are pivotal to sales management and also for the individual salespeople to enable them to be more in control of their own sales cycles.

2.    End of Unnecessary Data
A common sales rep complaint about CRM is the enforced entry of data that salespeople will never need to do their jobs—and often data that will never be needed by anyone. This practice turns highly skilled members of the sales force into data entry clerks; the salespeople and the company lose valuable time and income. The situation is compounded when data actually needed by sales reps and sales management is not entered in CRM in such a way that it can be easily retrieved, requiring reps to create all kinds of extra reports—and further time is wasted. When a CRM solution is designed and patterned as above with a sales process, it becomes evident which data is needed and which is clearly not.

3.    CRM Solution Analysis and Forecasting
It is quite common for a CRM solution to only partially contribute—or not contribute at all—to the analysis and forecasting so vitally needed for a company to function properly. This becomes so commonplace that a company considers it normal to conduct analyses and forecasting through spreadsheets, other applications, and lengthy meetings. With a CRM solution patterned after the sales process, and correct data being entered in the system, analysis and forecasting not only become far easier and less time-consuming, but actually attains a whole new level of accuracy.

4.    Existing Application Compatibility
When a new CRM solution is brought on board, a company is already using a number of applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, email applications, PDF and many more. When these documents must be stored separately and cannot be easily related to the specific sales cycles and sales process steps they are part of, more time is wasted in having to retrieve them when needed—or having to re-create them if they are lost. The new CRM solution model not only allows for complete compatibility with existing company applications, it allows for instant delivery of needed documents to each stage of the sales pipeline.

5. Availability on All Platforms
Email integration and iPhone, smart device and tablet computer platform availability can no longer be considered “additional features” for a CRM solution. Sales reps use them because they are the most expedient methods of getting the job done. A new generation CRM application which is available on all platforms, at no extra charge and with no extra effort, is simply a given, as it should be.

Pipeliner CRM has all of the 5 key benefits giving salespeople a powerful tool to empower them to be the entrepreneurs that they are. Pipelinersales is revolutionizing the marketplace with not only exceptional CRM software, but training and education to help salespeople sell smarter.

For more information on Pipeliner CRM software please visit: http://www.pipelinersales.com/.

About Pipelinersales Inc.
More than 19 years ago, Nikolaus Kimla set the foundation for Pipeliner’s future with his company uptime IT-Technologies Inc.    The creation of Pipeliner CRM initiated in 2007 and has been steadily developed through intense research. Pipeliner is next generation sales CRM software designed to empower sales teams and grow profitable customer relationships. Pipeliner CRM gives new ways to look at, and to interact with an active sales pipeline. It brings the power of sales data back to salespeople with unique methods that empower salespeople and make managing complex sales easy and fun.

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