New Webinar Educational Series Teaches Conflict Resolution Strategies for Lawyers and Mediators

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Douglas Noll, professor and internationally recognized professional mediator announces new educational MCLE approved Webinar series Mediation Master Class Webinar: Sometimes, It's Not About the Money, Oct 22.

Conflict over money is a symbol for issues tied to deep seated values and beliefs

Douglas E. Noll, preeminent lawyer, professional and internationally recognized mediator, professor, award winning author, and developer of Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro, an online California MCLE approved course for lawyers announces his upcoming Mediation Master Class Webinar: Sometimes, It’s Not About the Money, for lawyers and mediators. In this webinar, cases are analyzed where money has become a symbol for underlying issues and conflict. Noll will be teaching strategies for recognizing the underlying issues and will provide clear steps to solve the problem before and during mediation. Lawyers will learn effective techniques on how to deal with their client's and the conflicting party’s issues.

"If you are wondering why there is impasse in Washington, D.C., this webinar will fill you in. The behaviors of the politicians demonstrate the classical conflict behaviors arising from relationship, identity, and process goals that are not being recognized or met by the other side. It's not about the money or the debt ceiling. It's about deeper values and beliefs that have been transmuted into more concrete things that people can grasp more easily. This is exactly the same behavior we see in Mediations when the parties seem to be unrealistic in their demands. When someone is taking a position that is objectively unreasonable, you can be sure that there is a lot more going on that you, as a mediator, need to know about," says Noll. "Typically, money (or a position on the debt ceiling) becomes a symbol for something more profound. As a result, parties find compromise impossible because deep, down inside, they feel like they are compromising sacred values. There are ways of dealing with this difficult and challenging problem, which teach this in the Webinar."

This 60 minute Webinar, Tuesday October 22nd, 9am PT, is the first in a series for mediators and lawyers, developed by Douglas E. Noll, an award winning, AV-rated lawyer and professional mediator. In this first Mediation Master Class Webinar, attendees will learn the six needs of victims (and why both sides often feel victimized), how to use CRIP to understand how money becomes a symbol for deeper conflicts, how to deal with opposing party’s stubbornly-held beliefs, how to choose the right mediator, and ten techniques to avoid impasse in emotion-laden cases.

Proceeds from this Webinar (MCLE approved in California) priced at an introductory offer of $49.99 (free to those who have taken the Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro online course), go to the award-winning pro bono project Prison of Peace. Prison of Peace project began in late 2009, by Laurel G. Kaufer and Noll, both professional mediators providing communication, peacemaking and mediation skills to prison inmates. Noll is the author of the award-winning book Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve Conflicts (Prometheus). Registration is taken at

About Douglas Noll
Doug is a full time peacemaker and mediator, specializing in difficult, complex, and intractable conflicts. He is an adjunct professor of law and has a Master’s Degree in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. Mr. Noll is an AV-rated lawyer and was a business and commercial trial lawyer for 22 years before turning to peacemaking. Doug is a founding board member of Mediators Without Borders, and the 2012 and 2013 President of the California Dispute Resolution Council. Noll is the developer of Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro, an online California and Florida MCLE approved course for lawyers.

He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators, a Diplomat of the California and National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, a core faculty member of the American Institute of Mediation, and on the American Arbitration Association panel of mediators and arbitrators. Mr. Noll was one of the first U.S. mediators certified under the international mediator standards established by the International Mediation Institute. Doug is the author of Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts (Prometheus, 2011), the winner of the international peace and justice book award.

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