Protect Your Kids from Offensive Ads: New Tech Switches Channel from Commercials on Live TV Sports, Popular Reality Shows

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Now parents can protect their kids from erectile dysfunction and other offensive ads during live TV sports, with no commercials, through MyTVChoice, which puts parents in control of live TV.

Watch the live show, not the ads.

Now parents can protect their kids from erectile dysfunction and other offensive ads during live TV sports, with no commercials, through MyTVChoice, which puts parents in control of live TV.

While many options are available to skip commercials on recorded TV shows, MyTVChoice is the first technology that allows parents to skip commercials on games and select reality shows they want to watch live. Commercials are automatically replaced with the “safe channel” of their choice. Simply plug the MyTVChoice Gateway into a wall socket, download the link to your WIFI enabled computer, and download the app to your iPhone (any model), Android, iPad or Android tablet. Then set a secondary “safe channel” with the corresponding MyTVChoice mobile application.

“Now the parent is driving the bus and can have a far more enjoyable, relaxing experience watching the game, reality or awards show, because they are not worrying what their children will be exposed to during a commercial,” said company founder Rich Theriault. “Many parents worry about the damage TV ads can do to their children, but feel helpless to do anything about it during shows they want to see live. We’ve created a total paradigm shift in how parents can watch live TV with a disruptive technology that is long overdue.”

Theriault is passionate about creating technology that puts consumers in control rather than being held captive, in this case, to TV commercials.

Andrew Beckwith, Executive Vice President, Mass. Family Institute and a parent in Wenham, MA, said: “I have been using the MyTVChoice Gateway for several months. I like to watch sports with my family, including my two young sons, but I don't like having to worry about the commercials. Nothing’s worse than going from a touchdown to a Victoria’s Secret commercial, or a gruesome shot of a CSI crime scene in an ad for their next episode. MyTVChoice automatically changes the channel right at the commercial break to whatever channel I've chosen, usually an all music station. I don't have to guess when the commercials on the game are over by bouncing back and forth on my own, because the service switches it back automatically. As its tagline says, ‘Watch the game, not the ads.’

“I wasn't sure at first if MyTVChoice would be that useful to my family, because we watch mostly Netflix, and we have a DVR. But, we love watching sports together, or just having a game on in the background as we do other things. Even if we use our DVR to tape the game, and watch it on 15-minute delay, we still had to have our remote ever-ready to fast forward through commercials, and then go back if we skipped too far. With MyTVChoice, it's fire and forget. I just pick the game I want to watch in the app on my smartphone, and I don’t have to touch the remote at all. I’ve been impressed with how liberating that has been.

“I think this is a must-have tool for parents with young kids, but it’s also a great way to take control over your live TV experience for anyone. We’re definitely having a much more family friendly football season this year,” Beckwith said.

Here are some other user comments:

“My husband and I can enjoy a game and relax, because we know that our kids won’t be seeing offensive commercials.” - Kimary Pomphrett, Sudbury, MA

“My kids get culture with classical music instead of channel surfing during baseball commercials thanks to MyTVChoice.” - Alan Ringuette, Maynard, MA

As soon as a commercial is about to begin, your TV will automatically flip to the safe channel of your choice, be it another game, news or music channel. When commercials are over, your TV will automatically return you to your game or show.

MyTVChoice is currently available for national broadcasts of major league baseball, basketball, hockey and the NFL including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, nationally broadcast Sunday games and all the playoffs. National broadcasts of NCAA football will also be covered. Comprehensive regional coverage is available within 100 miles of Boston which includes the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins. The service will soon expand to other TV markets for regional coverage.

In addition to sports, MyTVChoice covers Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and The Voice. The 2014 Winter Olympics and World Cup Soccer will be covered as well.

The Gateway is free, and the subscription is $9.95 per month for 12 months, $4.95 thereafter for loyalty subscribers. If you don’t like the service, you can return the box, cancel the subscription, and receive a full refund after 30 days.

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