A New Research Project to Study the Effect of Prayer on Changing Neuronal Functioning in the Human Brain Is Looking for Research Subjects

Peter Boelens is heading a research project in Houston, Texas and is looking for individuals interested in being part of this research project.

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According to Boelens: prayers may have the potential to change not only neuronal functioning but the overall quality of life.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

Boelens is working in conjunction with the Baylor College of Medicine Imaging Center in Houston to study how prayer may have a profound effect on the brain. This effect will be documented through fMRI (no radiation).

According to Boelens, emotional wounding in early life may change gene expression with concomitant behavioral, mental and physical difficulties not only in childhood but extending into adult life decreasing the quality of life and also longevity. These prayers may have the potential to change not only neuronal functioning but the overall quality of life.

A research study is now open for enrollment measuring the effect of these Christian prayers in changing the brain functioning caused by emotional wounding as measured by fMRI. Qualifications for this study:

  •     A desire to be freed from your wounding
  •     A willingness to be evaluated for depression
  •     Currently on no anti-depressant or anxiety drugs or professional counseling.
  •     Are not pregnant and between the age of 18 – 65 years
  •     No metal in or attached to the body or claustrophobia
  •     A willingness to receive once a week, one hour Christian prayer sessions for six weeks in a confidential setting by an experienced prayer team.
  •     A willingness to have your brain scanned (no radiation involved) before and after prayers.

Individuals who are selected to participate in this study will receive financial compensation. Those interested in receiving more information about the study can contact Peter Boelens directly at 601-299-1461 or boelens3554 at gmail dot com


  • Peter Boelens
    Peter Boelens