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A new guide to the mining profession has just been published at The guide covers all aspects of mining including leveling and can be found at

A new FFXIV mining guide has just been published at the OsirisMethod's blog. This guide, up to date for the new A Realm Reborn release, covers all aspects of mining from leveling up to getting high quality items. Players have been clamoring for a mining guide for Final Fantasy 14 as ore is valuable and mining it has proven a great way for players to make gil (the in-game currency of FFXIV). The full guide can be found at

Final Fantasy XIV, or FFXIV, is a popular fantasy-based MMORPG for the computer and Playstation 3. In the game, players are able to undertake a variety of gathering jobs in addition to their typical adventuring roles. These jobs, called "Disciplines of the Land", allow players to gather valuable materials like ore and flax. These ingredients are then used by players to craft useful equipment. Not only do players want to gather materials to create equipment, but players leveling up their crafting jobs need a large quantity of materials in order to practice their craft and reach the top levels of skill.

The rarer and more difficult to mine materials are the most valuable to players as these ingredients are used to craft the most powerful armor and equipment pieces. However, in order to be able to harvest these materials, players must first level up their Mining class to an appropriate level. The top materials require players to reach level 50, which can take many hours of play. The new guide published at details the fastest leveling path to 50, making it easier on players to reach the max level. The guide shows players the best areas to mine based on their current level as well as discusses tips and strategies for earning bonus experience points in order to level up even faster. One tip for example is to complete provision missions, a daily mission that allows players to turn in a small amount of ore for a large experience point reward.

Another aspect of the mining guide covered at is mining "high quality" items. Most items in FFXIV have a high quality counterpart. Using these high quality items when crafting gives a higher chance of producing high quality equipment, which is much more valuable to players than standard quality equipment. As a result, high quality ore from mining tends to be several times more valuable than normal ore. The new guide published at covers exactly how to get high quality ore in order to maximize profits from mining.

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