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A number of new Zerg Build Orders have just been published at The full list of new guides can be found at

New Zerg build orders have just been published by About 10 in total, these new build orders cover all aspects of the Zerg race in Starcraft 2 as builds are provided for all of the in-game match-ups. The full list of builds can be found at:

Starcraft 2 is a popular PC game which pits players against one another in a space-age combat. Players are able to play as Terran (humans), Zerg (a monster-like alien race driven by advanced evolution rather than technology), or Protoss (a technologically superior society of ancient aliens hampered by stubborn personality and rigid religious principles). No race is better than another as all are tuned by the game's developers to be equal in strength. As a result, players are always looking for new strategies in order to gain an edge on their opponents. The new guides published at focus on build orders for the Zerg race.

In Starcraft 2, a "build order" is the term used to describe a particular strategy in terms of the order in which units and structures are trained and constructed. Since each game starts out the same way with a player having a limited number of resources and worker units, particular paths to certain strategies have already been practiced and developed by top players. A good build order is just the most efficient path to a certain unit combination that is particularly effective. The new Zerg build orders guide at provides players with a variety of different build orders in order to give Zerg players access to a wide array of possible tactics.

One of the new build orders covered is popularly known as the "Baneling Bust". This build tasks the Zerg player with quickly unlocking the Baneling, a unit which self-destructs upon impact and particularly effective for use against enemy structures. This build allows players to take advantage of an enemy player who does not build enough defense in the early game. The Banelings can be used to break down enemy walls so that the Zerg's Zerglings can flood in and take down the enemy's few remaining units. Zerglings are very effective in the early game but struggle against walls, so this combination synergizes very well together.

About is a leading provider of Starcraft 2 guides and strategies. The website provides full guides for everything from competitive multiplayer matches to the single-player campaign in a fairly even split. Currently, about 80 guides are available for the campaign whereas about 120 guides are available for multiplayer matches. For more details, visit

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