Best Young Researcher Award from Cosmetic Valley Goes to Peptide from Contipro

The new Cellcon peptide developed at Contipro Biotech has earned one of our scientists the Cosmetic Valley Best Young Researcher Award.

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Cellcon mechanism of action illustration


Cellcon enhances the metabolic activity of epidermal cells, and improves the skin barrier function and the hydration of the skin.

(PRWEB) October 14, 2013

Last week, Orléans, France, hosted Cosmetic Innovation Days COSM'Innov 2013. The prestigious Best Young Researcher Award was won by Contipro Biotech's scientist Dr. Iva Doleckova, whose work focuses on a new peptide mitigating the visible signs of skin aging.

The Cellcon peptide stimulates the production of proteins responsible for intercellular communication in the skin, enhances the metabolic activity of epidermal cells, and improves the skin barrier function and the hydration of the skin. The key factor is the effect that it has on desmosomes, which are specialized cell junctions playing a pivotal role in the attachment of cells to each other. In aged skin, desmosomes are down-regulated or prematurely degraded. Lack of cohesion results in dehydrated scaly skin prone to infections.

Contipro is a European company specializing, among other things, in the development of new ingredients to combat skin aging. Raw materials for the cosmetics industry account for roughly half the company's revenue. Most cosmetic raw material production is exported to Western Europe and the USA.

COSM'Innov 2013, a global cosmetics innovation event, was attended by 95 companies and 64 research laboratories. In the face of such competition, Contipro's young scientist managed to win the prize for the best scientific work by a researcher up to 35 years of age.

Cosmetic Valley comprises 550 companies providing around 47,000 jobs and reaping in EUR 11 billion of revenue, six universities, 200 public research laboratories for 7,680 scientists, and 41 research projects with a budget of approximately EUR 75 million. The top companies include L'Oréal (via its subsidiaries Maybelline and Yves Saint Laurent), Shiseido (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Serge Lutens), LVMH (Christian Dior and Guerlain), and Caudalie.



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