New HMIRA Plan Models a Low Cost Public Workforce as a Safety Net Tailored for the 56 Million Uninsured Americans and Outlines a New Forced Savings IRA

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The Healthy Mae IRA could replace 401k's and IRA's, consolidate paperwork, improve privacy, and create more retirement power via a forced savings design. The self published HMIRA plan has been updated for ObamaCare to help solve the current crisis and is politically neutral.

Separating healthcare claims with a public system for the uninsured is the HMIRA Plan. This has worked well with court public defenders and is the solution needed today.

Healthy Mae IRA or HMIRA Plan will create a new part time health care workforce to provide a lower cost platform for the uninsured. It works like the public defender system by providing a supply of part time medical doctors and other practitioners to support the needs of our uninsured, the estimated 80% who will not or can't buy Obama-Care.

This plan recommends 500,000 part time or about 115,000 full time physicians trading time for Mal-practice and tax credits by providing direct care for the uninsured, which provides a safety net to the uninsured. A Public Heath Care (PHC) system tailored for the uninsured will separate unpaid claims out of private system into a "non for profit public labor force" with out insurance, saving taxpayers billions each year and providing a new supply of medical workers.

Non payers are not a market and they should not be managed as one and continued to be treated by private healthcare providers. They need a separate PHC workforce system and should not be mixed together with the payers with private insurance. This has been a core problem of why costs are so high now and why continuing this trend will make it worse. We do not force everyone to buy legal insurance we have public defenders for this so why are we continuing to fund public healthcare privately?

The HMIRA White Paper outlines specific steps for Federal and State Policy makers to lower the costs of health care to the uninsured and deliver direct care without medical insurance. In this plan there are specifics on how to restructure medical policies and state pools to lower premiums and drive more competition back into the marketplace. These changes will make your current policy cost less and offer more options.

The proposal is for a single consolidated IRA that will emulate the features of the current IRA, 401k, TSA, 403b, SEP and other self employed pensions with equivalent withdrawal features. Medical savings accounts and Roth IRA's would also be included. The HMIRA plan streamlines the reports, administration, and taxes into a financial plan format. It reports verification information in a section of your HMIRA so we can "vault" our private information and eliminate mortgage and credit paper verifications which are adding to the problems now, and replace them with electronic coded verifications.

Another feature of the Healthy Mae IRA is that it will enable employees to pay taxes at the end of the year, simplifying administration and helping to build additional retirement funds via a forced savings design that a flat tax will not produce. This additional savings will mean employees will keep more of their gross pay each year. For employers not having to manage a 401k they will then save on costs and still be able to match all types of current employee contributions into a new individual employee HMIRA.

George Jaspert, IAR and licensed life and health insurance broker, authored the Healthy Mae or HMIRA Plan in 2005 to improve efficiencies in our health care and retirement systems.

White paper of HMIRA plan is available at

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