RingPlus: Launching the First Open Cellular API Developer Platform at MobileCON

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Finally realizing the dreams of hackers for decades, RingPlus is opening up access to the wireless carrier infrastructure.

RingPlus today announced one of the first public cellular API releases, offering its carrier-grade wireless API platform to the public. After more than a year of development and several successful carrier deployments, RingPlus's API will offer developers a power that has been jealously guarded since the dawn of the telephone industry.

"Almost two years ago we set out to create something truly revolutionary," said Evan McGee, RingPlus CTO. "Upgrades move slowly in traditional telecom, access is extremely limited, and the underlying systems are complex. We designed our entire infrastructure and the API from the ground up to be friendly, easy-to-use, fast-moving and powerful for our community. We've put a lot of thought and effort into creating a new way of doing things; to make [them] fun and exciting for everyone."

In an industry first, developers and business can completely control their mobile phone service experience and have unprecedented access to world-class mobile networks, all by taking advantage of the RingPlus API. Members are able to access their account data and the network itself on a level that is previously unseen -- including real-time call detail records, number porting, voicemails, location, and even directly interact with live calls -- using cutting-edge features developed by RingPlus.

The Power of Your Code in the Carrier - A Developers Dream

The RingPlus API was built as a platform for developers by developers. It is now possible to activate any valid device as a BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Device) and subscribers can start to use the devices immediately. The API is guarded by a secure, web-friendly OAuth2 solution, an industry standard used by companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google. This protocol is part of what allows granular control of information available to any given app. The API is available today for all existing and new member accounts, with a developer sandbox coming soon that can be used to check code without requiring a live account. RingPlus is also a leading backer and major proponent of the open-source telecom movement and is dedicated to helping use these API to further that mission.

The RingPlus API is also growing rapidly. API documentation is available at http://docs.ringplus.net and is being expanded daily. Examples of functionality currently built or being added soon include:

  • Activate and deactivate a device on the Sprint network within seconds
  • Swap phone numbers, change devices associated with a phone number
  • Port in a number from another carrier
  • Get call usage details, including data, SMS, MMS, and domestic/international voice in realtime or near-realtime
  • Get historical billing information and account balances
  • Access all voicemails, voicemail transcriptions, and voicemail box options
  • Access all phone account information
  • Access all RingPlus In-Call App information, including ringback tone history and translation history
  • Use network-level location services, including GPS-Assisted and cell-tower-based location, geofencing, and on-net/off-net alerts - available to all Sprint handsets, not just those of RingPlus and its partners
  • Enable inbound/outbound SIP - send all the calls to a device to a standard SIP URI, or initiate calls on behalf of a mobile phone

Developers can make suggestions regarding API features by joining the RingPlus community at http://discourse.ringplus.net.

Built for Businesses, Used By People

The RingPlus API has the ability to both enable existing business processes while also enabling developers to create rich, innovative new applications. Built on top of the RingPlus Cloud, a fault-tolerant and distributed telecom-grade backend, the RingPlus API powers the trendsetting "Phone Company In-A-Box," a product that allows any business to have complete end-to-end ownership of their mobile and cellular infrastructure.

Introducing the concept of Phone Company In-A-Box, businesses will gain access to the same RingPlus API and platform for all internal uses. Businesses and their clients can develop tools that help drive productivity further and faster, or give users access to their accounts at an unprecedented level.

RingPlus has also worked closely with Sprint* to make the RingPlus API an easy additional add-on service to any existing Sprint partner. As a bolt-on service code available to all Sprint-affiliated MVNOs, implementing the RingPlus API can be done on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis.

Businesses that are interested in the Phone Company In-A-Box should contact RingPlus at info@ringplus.net for more information. Additional API documentation is available for business partners and clients.

About RingPlus

RingPlus is a privately-held MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operating on the Sprint Network. Founded in 2006, it aims to revolutionize the mobile industry by introducing cutting-edge, integrated web services to both carriers and subscribers. RingPlus is uniquely positioned as a veteran of both the mobile and web landscapes to combine these into one simple-to-use package.

For more information about the RingPlus API, Phone Company In-A-Box, or the RingPlus Cloud Telecom Platform, please contact:

Karl Seelig
1800 Century Park E, 6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Office: (310) 919-0915

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