Kickboxing Class, Web-Only Special Announced by Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts of Mount Kisco, New York

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A web-only special has been announced by Tiger Schulmann's MMA of Mount Kisco, New York, offering a free kickboxing class, a complimentary pair of training gloves, and a $50 savings certificate.

Tiger Schulmann's student watches demonstration of authentic kickboxing technique

With Tiger Schulmann's kickboxing classes, you are going to learn authentic techniques. Aerobic kickboxing classes only offer moves which simulate real kickboxing, but you don't get all the benefits, the workout isn't as effective or safe for that matter.

Cardio kickboxing is one of the most popular fitness trends in the United States. The fat-burning craze is spreading like wildfire. Numerous fitness experts cite kickboxing classes as their top calorie burner, topping charts at over 800 calories burned per hour. Kickboxing wipes out fat and tones muscle through a full-body workout coupled with the art of self defense as an added bonus. Kickboxing increases strength, improves flexibility and lengthens endurance.

In the Mount Kisco, New York facility, Tiger Schulmann's offers, "authentic" kickboxing. Dozens of professionals and champions train as students at Tiger Schulmann's. They compete throughout the U.S., including at the UFC level, demonstrating the added effectiveness of the style.

Alon Feder, Tiger Schulmann's Director of Marketing states, "With most kickboxing programs, you are not learning authentic moves, but moves which approximate real kickboxing techniques. Sure, you get the aerobic benefits of the training, but not all of the benefits. Tiger Schulmann's teaches the real techniques. These are the moves the professionals use. The real techniques are more effective, offer better fitness, and they also prevent students from injury (which can result from incorrect technique)."

The Mount Kisco Tiger Schulmann's web-only special includes a free kickboxing class, a complimentary pair of kickboxing gloves and a $50 savings certificate. The offer can be found on:

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