GoG Paintball Guns Now Avalable in All Action Center Stores

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Gog paintball guns available at Action Center at discounted prices, featuring gog extcy-enyy and G1 Paintball guns.

GoG paintball guns are now avalable in all Action Center Stores. Action center has the lowest prices in the nation, and they are ready to get that paintball gun in the hands of their customers just in time for Christmas shopping.

GOG story:

At GOG Paintball, they only offer products that have a story to tell. The story is always the same.When paintballing use Gog products. It's that winning state of mind. It's that trophy shot. It's bragging rights.

GOG brand promise:

The Gog brand promise is to deliver the best equipment and gear that empowers the paintball player to achieve their highest level of play. By using GOG products, the player's skill is the only unknown variable. In other words, our equipment performs consistently so they can focus on the mental and physical part of the sport.

The ectcy has been designed for the intermediate level players using up-to-date technology. Lightweight Design Branded plastic carry case as standard Wired eyes for ultimate reliability

Removable eye covers for easy access to detents and break beam eyes.
Full Metal Structure – aluminum alloy
20 bps (upgradable to 25+ with QEV and board )
Available in UK (semi only) or US ‘field adjustable’ semi auto, fully auto, and 3 shot burst, also PSP, & Billy Ball, NXL and Adjustable ramp
Interchangeable Colored Body Kits
Break Beam Vision – reliable anti-chop technology
Hammer free Electra-pneumatic Design
Simple 9-Volt Operation
Mulit-Gas Operation
2 Point Adjustable Trigger
Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
Field Legal
Seal Forward Technology
Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
Vertical Feed Breech
Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread

Gog eXTCy red Paintball Gun action center is the best paintball gear online store for gog paintball guns and smart parts accessories

The Gog G1 paintball gun

This paintball marker is one of the newly released paintball guns for the 2011 paintball season. When looking at the Gog G1 you will quickly find out that it is a military ready scenario woods-ball gun. Built to last, the Gog G1 paintball gun is great for any beginning to advanced paintball player.

Out of the box, the Gog G1 paintball gun can shoot up to 11 balls per second. You can easily upgrade your board and install a Q.E.V. which can have the Gog G1 shooting up to 25 balls per second.

A cool feature on the Gog G1 is the adjustable feed neck. Now you can position your loader to either the right or left hand side of the gun. The offset feed-neck makes scopes and top rail accessories more effective than ever before.

The stock 14 inch tactical barrel is precision machined to give the Gog G1 paintball gun great accuracy out of the box. No aftermarket barrels needed with this gun.

The GoG G1 even comes with a collapsible stock for all of you Mil-sim players out there. This is one more great upgrade that makes this gun the fully loaded package.

A standard 9-Volt battery is the heart behind the Gog G1 paintball gun. With just one fresh battery you should expect to get at least 20,000 shots.

Compatible with either H.P.A. or CO2, the G1 is guaranteed to preform for any level paintball player. The paintball gun is stock with a Max-Flow R vertical regulator which controls the pressure going into the gun and will give you consistent readings over the chronograph.
Seven different accessory rails make the G1 one of the most customizable guns on the market. Now you have a place to install any accessory that you could think of.
The Gog G1 Paintball Gun is built using high quality 6000 series aluminum and high grade composite materials for ultimate strength. This means more durability than ever before.
Scenario Paintball is Game On with the G1 from Gog Paintball!
With 7 different accessory rails and built using high quality 6000 series aluminum with high grade composite materials, the G1 is of the most long lasting and customizable paintball guns on the market! Straight out of the box, the G1 shoots 11 Balls per Second and can basically be upgraded to shoot up to 25 bps. Low battery operated! With a standard 9-Volt battery, the Gog G1 paintball gun will basically rock out at least 20,000 shots... That is over ten boxes of paint on fresh battery! A distinctive feature on this military gun is the offset adjustable feed-neck. This enables for various scopes and/or top rail accessories to be more effective than ever! This permits all of your scenario upgrades to play a bigger role in your success on the field! Unmatched Stock Accuracy! With a precision machined 14 inch tactical paintball barrel standard on the G1, you'll have no use for any other aftermarket barrels!
The Gog G1 is guaranteed to perform with either H.P.A. or C02 and is fully equipped with the Max-Flow R vertical regulator firing each shot more consistent than the last!

    11 bps (upgradable to 25+ with q.e.v and Board)
    Customer adjustable 45 degree 'left, right or center feed neck'
    14" Tactical Barrel
    M16 Style extending stock
    Hammer free Electra-pneumatic Design
    Standard semi auto, fully auto, 3 shot burst, Psp and Billy Ball board option modes
    Simple 9-Volt Operation    Gas Operation
    Light Micro switch Trigger with 2 Adjustable Points
    Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
    Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop technology
    Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
    Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread
    Integrated Tactical Flashlight Mount
    7 Accessory Rails for ultimate mounting options
    These paintball guns are Built using high quality 6000 series aluminum, and high grade composite materials for ultimate strength.
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