Mobile Drilling English Grammar: An Educational Design Approach From Jason Byrne Soft

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How do you drill, drill, drill those key English grammar points without boring the international students to tears? Educational design, blending old school pedagogy with mobile technology, could prove to be the answer.

Drilling English grammar made fun and easy!

Drilling Grammar points is much beloved by old school teachers and often loathed by students of all generations. However, that could be about to change. Using an educational design approach, Jason Byrne Soft have come up with a likeable solution to a seemingly age-old problem. Yes, EFL and ESL students, beginner English grammar can be fun! Fun and palatable that is, when undertaken, in short and sporadic bursts throughout the day, on a mobile device. This is fantastic news for international students of English. The initial Android app, Beginner English Grammar, focuses on beginners and is available from

The first app in the series, Beginner English Grammar, places an emphasis on study drills rather than game fun. Yet, it is still a very engaging application. There are no scores, no big endings and no stress. You simply practice, through trial and error, until you get it right. You can practice for 1 minute or until your smart-phone’s battery needs charging! There is no end! At this stage, the app has between 105-707 drill questions depending on the version used. The questions are delivered on a randomised loop. The drills never end! But of course, the user can quit at any time.

In true teacher speak, WH question fashion, let's outline the key elements of the app. Who?
The app is for beginner students of English. Or, any students who need to work on their standard English grammar. What? This is a beginner English grammar practice app. Available for Android 3.0 and above. Why? The drilling of grammar points is an important and integral element of studying a foreign language. You will never get the grammar down perfect unless you drill, drill, drill! However, many students and teachers do not like drills. This app provides a method for approaching the drills in a more interesting manner, free from the constraints of the classroom or desktop. Where? Absolutely anywhere! The bus, the classroom, the bedroom... Wherever a mobile phone can roam, so can a student drill grammar. When? The users can do as they please. For example, they could drill for one minute in every hour. This app allows the user to drill whenever they have a break. It is very simple, there are no complicated options, the user simply does the drills. The questions are randomised. This means the user should always find something new.

In academic circles, technologically assisted language learning has often been criticised for not being pedagogically sound. An important aspect of the Beginner English Grammar app is that it provides a pedagogically sound learning experience. There is a real danger that mobile education will become too gimmicky and not based on sound principles. Beginner English Grammar is based on solid grammar and a teaching principle that has been expounded for over 100 years: drill, drill, drill!

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