Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc. Launches Three Pillars of Value Curriculum at PUBCON

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Revealing Best Practices for Building Online Business Value, Selling at a Premium and Overcoming SEO Uncertainty

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Quiet Light Brokerage (QLB), a leading pre-qualified online business market, is proud to announce the launch of the Three Pillars of Value Curriculum for website owners searching for proven practices that command top valuations and higher sale prices. The 12-month online program is now available and implementation guidance is provided by Quiet Light Brokerage team members who have all operated and sold their own six and seven-figure websites.

Founder & CEO of Quiet Light Brokerage, Mark Daoust presents highlights of the curriculum when he speaks today at the premier social media and optimization expo PUBCON Las Vegas 2013 during the session entitled, “Buying and Selling Websites.” Daoust’s segment focuses on “Positioning for an Exit.”

Daoust explains, “Even if you have no immediate plans to exit, exit strategy planning can add significant value to your website both now and in the future. With expert guidance from Quiet Light Brokerage, our sellers can realize 450% increases in value. Gains come from websites that go SEO rankings for revenue and traffic. This may seem obvious but turning awareness into tangible performance takes structure and expert guidance. That is why Quiet Light Brokerage is excited to share The Three Pillars of Value Curriculum.”

The three factors with the strongest impact on optimizing website valuations are 1) ongoing stability, 2) growth prospects and 3) provability. Quiet Light Brokerage refers to this potent mix as the Three Pillars of Value. When theses three elements are properly addressed websites sell with 33% premiums on average.

Pillar 1: Ongoing Stability – Identifying and mitigating risks prevents business interruptions so there is a clear path for revenues and profits to increase over time.

Single points of failure are red flags to buyers where one weakness can cripple an entire business.

  •     Websites with strong Google rankings where 95% of conversions come from search are vulnerable to ranking updates such as Panda and Penguin.

Build a brand, not a ranking. Potential buyers value websites that are trusted, have a strong referral network, are engaged with customers and have revenue streams from sources beyond the core site such as a store on amazon.com. Additional examples include:

  •     Social media engagement to build goodwill
  •     Optimize PPC campaign
  •     Advertise on industry specific shopping portals
  •     Build a resource library
  •     Engage in e-mail marketing
  •     Build content with a purpose

Pillar 2: Growth Prospects – Demonstrating reliable ways that a website will likely grow in the future based on past performance enhances valuation. Website owners that take the next step of identifying growth areas that haven’t been pursued yet expand prospect options for buyers.

    Demonstrate consistent revenue growth over time

  •     Two-year history or more
  •     Be sure recent history doesn’t show a decrease in revenue
  •     Avoid emphasizing growth potential instead of growth prospects due to the lack of tangible performance

Expand prospects by sharing specific opportunities

  •     Prioritize in terms of estimated costs, time required and anticipated ROI
  •     Share industry growth trend data to convey overall growth
  •     Note this exercise results in owners holding onto a site to build value for future sale

Pillar 3: Provability – The key that unlocks the other pillars because it provides data where buyers can calculate their return on investment.

Standard accounting practices

Operations and performance tracking

Quiet Light Brokerage offers the Three Pillars of Value Curriculum to visitors who sign up at http://www.quietlightbrokerage.com/ThreePillarsCurriculum by providing a name and email address. Over the course of 12 months, participants will receive expert content on proven techniques for maximizing websites so they are primed for exit or are able to determine the strongest opportunities for ongoing and stable operations. With each online lesson, there is one-on-one access to experts who all have experience operating and selling their own six and seven-figure website.

“You only sell your website once and the difference between success and failure comes down to the ruthless calculus of building reliability and reducing risks. By positioning for exit, with The Three Pillars of Value, website owners raise their valuations 40% and are able to sell at premium prices through Quiet Light Brokerage or operate with a peace of mind that puts them in control instead of waiting on the next ranking revision,” concludes Mark Daoust.

About Quiet Light Brokerage
Quiet Light Brokerage’s experts guide website owners through a proven screening process with Site-Specific Valuation Reports that establish fair and ethical negotiating prices, save time and take the guesswork out of buying and selling profitable online enterprises. Relying on the team’s personal experience operating and selling their own 6 and 7-figure websites, they do the hard work up front so deals close quickly with trust intact. As one of the first five companies in the industry, Quiet Light Brokerage has a large private network of repeat buyers with ready access to capital. The company is headquartered in Minnesota, USA. For more information visit http://www.quietlightbrokerage.com.

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